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3. 15 'protection of the rights and interests of the international day'

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
In 2014, is a 32 'international consumer rights day', for three. 15 how much you know? 'International consumer rights day' was born in 1983, the annual international consumer association on March 15, international consumer rights day. Since then, every year on March 15, consumers and organizations from all over the world to hold various activities, to promote further development to protect consumer rights movement. And China and was established on December 26, 1984 China consumer association, the China consumers' association in 1987 to join the international consumer association. '' as shellfish setting wall is the first brand in China, has been to the rights and interests of consumers first, to provide customers with safe products, and make product after-sales maintenance work. So '' has a good reputation in the market. On the basis of good reputation, since 2010, on the shell wall of setting of market as a whole rose more than 50%. As consumers increased awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection type of products are more and more consumer favorite. '' products made from pure natural fresh water and shellfish shells of Marine organisms, and through the class leading production technology, in the production process to avoid the man-made pollution, many consumers for our environmental protection adornment material is very reliable, so we' shells 'setting wall is more and more new and old customer support. The international organization for consumers union Rhoda, chairman of the house. Parkin said: & quot; People's communication, exchange of products, technology and communication activities, etc. , requires that we must consider and action on a global scale. ” She said: & quot; Each country's consumer organizations should be included in the scope of the struggle for consumer rights protection. ” When this struggle continues every day, every year we choose a day, so can we can hear various aspects for the consumer and the sound, and the spirit of hard for future missions. In order to improve the products and services, we carefully listen to the customer's Suggestions and thoughts, all by the good faith for this, make customers have good purchase experience. More wonderful please attention WeChat jiangxi new shellfish technology co. , LTD. The company's official website http:// if you are interested in above products, welcome to call hotline at 4006902901 for consultation.
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