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Acquire Making A Difference is Personal

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-06-03
Who would expect a mosaic class could open up a world of creativity in a 46 year old woman? I didn't, but the world-class I took in mosaics truly allowed me to express my imagination and creativity in a method I didn't will be expecting. A blossoming creativity turned into a feeling of adventure and fun, and gave us a sense of freedom as I transformed the most basic object into something beautiful and brimming with meaning. As I started creating mosaics as an easy way to express myself, I showed my work at art fairs and galleries, and was even featured on an HGTV show in 2001. Eventually I shared my creative gifts through teaching others, reluctantly at preliminary. An art fair customer, Diane, begged me to teach her for two years before I finally said yes. I my students pick their projects so i taught them the creative process to make it worse the piece they wanted. My thought was that once they were finished, if they never wanted come up with another mosaic they went home with one piece of 'art' they may be proud of. Turns out I loved teaching, and my students kept coming back. They decorated their homes and gardens with their creations, created gifts for others, and students even begin to sell their work. That was the best reward for me. In 2009, I learned that Mariners Inn, a facility and program for homeless men recuperating from addiction, needed supplies for mosaics. I was so excited reveal my supplies and time with these men, because I knew how transformation was possible through rearranging the broken pieces into something mroe challenging. As the men discovered their creativity, the fear of producing mistakes diminished, and the excitement of self expression emerged. Filth and debris metamorphosis began. The men they knew themselves to be altered with every piece of mosaic they put down, and the latest picture of the men they would become emerged. My original thought that I couldn't be an artist because I couldn't draw a straight line, and I certainly never colored within them, is what has me be capable of seeing what is possible for others. Thank you Diane for being so insistent. I am profoundly grateful for your joy that has arrived my way; for your difference others' are making to me, and through sharing my gifts, the opportunity for me make a difference in return. 'the art of having a difference' is meant as a platform to share stories of individuals and organizations whose actions made or create a difference, in order that we too may be inspired to go out and do something different the world a comfortable place. We wants for you make contact with us with stories that inspire most people.
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