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All kinds of shell Mosaic and raw materials is introduced

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Penguin shell Mosaic

penguins bei is growth in tropical and subtropical regions of pearl shell, its biggest characteristic is reflecting the penguin bei exquisite texture soft red sheen. Because of its soft bright natural texture, the most suitable for the shop is stuck in the sitting room, bedroom and other places. Especially with natural color series of freshwater shellfish can appear more attractive.

paua shell Mosaic

senior Marine treasures paua shell as button material has existed since ancient times, paua shell shape unique twists and turns, and make the gloss can be reflected in many directions, no matter from which direction is a beautiful button, natural reflects the sweet sweet sweet debauchery, from gray to blue gloss foil a cool feeling, fully reflects the feeling of a kind of natural material.

black butterfly bei Mosaic

black butterfly bei is a kind of can emit dark silver flowery glorious shells, as the beloved is famous for its large nanyang black pearl shell, the widespread adoption of advanced crafts and ornaments, shell pearl layer flashing beautiful beautiful deep silver, use advanced raw materials and the most suitable shirt TV setting wall and senior hotel background wall, in order to highlight the characteristics of its colour and lustre is bright beautiful wonderful artical excelling nature.

freshwater shell Mosaic

freshwater shellfish is the most widely used in all women costumes of freshwater pearl products, like its name, is living in lakes and rivers of the shells, can emit very quietly elegant luster, natural and soft white, TV setting wall, hotel home background wall, is now China's domestic sales of most of the Mosaic background wall

martensite shell Mosaic

martensite is basically adopt Japanese mother of pearl shell, with the world's great share markov, the characteristic of its pearl layer is to center crimp, its luster and texture is extremely fine thin and slightly curved natural characteristics for arts and crafts and women's clothing, show natural and quiet and tastefully laid out and feeling. Especially can cooperate and clothing such as gloves and boots, because of various colors and shapes, so together is easy and convenient.

white butterfly shell Mosaic

white butterfly shell is used for shell button in the top of a material, the simple sense of smooth and has a deep gloss showing what other varieties does not have valuable, and because of that, along with gems, because now production is rare, especially expensive, only in senior villas and like classical Italian style restaurants and other places of use, to display their very elegant texture.
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