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Amazing shop is stuck shell Mosaic

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Great shell Mosaic brick
' Shell Mosaic four charm excellent pavement play new 】

from ancient to modern, shell Mosaic has been different era mission and significance, its rich texture and color is various, small, collage and optional specifications, design character can also show the required by the designers of irregular shape, spherical and curved surface, wave the effect, Mosaic so charm, and who can resist?
one of charm:
material innovation, meet the demand of more
categories: common Mosaic material has: ceramic, glass, stone and metal shell Mosaic, through modern technology, Mosaic on the quality of a material to have the innovation, the gold, shell, coconut shell, bamboo, wood Mosaic. Most widely used ceramic Mosaic and glass Mosaic, ceramic Mosaic spray after firing glaze, never fade; Glass Mosaic acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, with zero water absorption of the absolute superiority, the most suitable for decorate the bathroom space, the disadvantage is that poor wear resistance. The use of other material Mosaic is not common, but also can enrich the space expression. The space of natural rich color can choose shell Mosaic; Send out 'zen' space available bamboo Mosaic ornament.
adornment effect: ceramic shell Mosaic with color glaze on the surface, can let a space extremely rich administrative levels; Crystal glass Mosaic, let a space more fully; Metal Mosaic surface with metallic luster and texture, bring alternative for the space experience; And stone Mosaic in stone material effect on the performance of having a unique style, can build the atmosphere of of primitive simplicity. Different materials can be based on the space coordinate of the Mosaic collocation. Charm
# 2: categories: shell Mosaic of color is rich, is not only bright blue, green, bright bright color such as yellow, pink, red, gray, cream-colored, quietly elegant and plain colour such as black is also very necessary, it can be on the colour collocation of the Mosaic play a crucial role.
adornment effect: shell Mosaic can be divided into pure color, the colour collocation fastens with color, mixed color, metal color collocation a variety of ways. Using the same as color Mosaic depth jump or transition, can make the space of local ornament; Through large areas of solid color or metal color piece which can realize the gradient, contrast and other decorative effect, this is a large area act the role of material not possible colour effect, such as mixed paste in green color, with 50% proportion of the two kinds of light green Mosaic, allocation of 30% dark green Mosaic, and 20% lemon yellow as an ornament, will have a pleasant feeling on the vision. The collocation of color mixture can build a bright and lively atmosphere. Charm
# 3: categories: shell Mosaic of the specifications of the commonly used 20 mm * 20 mm, 25 mm * 25 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm, now according to the need to have a 10 mm x 10 mm, this small size is mainly used to spell murals and special design, the above specification of the Mosaic mainly 'union' in the market for selling for the unit, is the single block Mosaic in a certain number of the shop is stuck on the paper and practical units. There are some special USES, has created 200 mm x 15 mm Mosaic of strip shape, the Mosaic metope waist line is mainly used to do. Besides, there are rounded, diamond, bone shape, triangle, hexagon, Mosaic, bring the adornment of the space more likely. The thickness of the Mosaic is commonly 4 to 6 mm.
adornment effect: compared with the ordinary ceramic tile, Mosaic specification is the best feature of small, can do other ceramic tile cannot achieve adornment effect, such as collage, the shop is stuck on the surface of the cambered surface, cylindrical, etc, do not need to use special processing, such as complicated technology can be easily accomplished. Because it is the smallest decorate material, can often be Mosaic inspired designers special spark. The colored pieces pasted on the wall, the ground, picture frame on the table, a chair, armrest, along the drawing into design, collage piece, inadvertently, like elves flash visible. The charm
4: categories: different colors, specifications, the shape of the shell Mosaic to combine, can change a different space, the expression in a flat surface, for example, the same as color depth color transition, spell out different color patterns, waist line for ceramic tile and other decoration materials for ornament and so on, is the successful application of Mosaic collage, room surface or corner office can play more Mosaic collage specialty at will. In stone material surface, ceramic tile countertops or CaiQi set with a few simple sense is strong Mosaic metope, can play the role of the dot eyeball.
adornment effect, different materials, colors, specifications, style perfectly collage of shell Mosaic in the same space, the adornment result that will bring unexpected, collage can freely, but not without principle, can be a small area of the shop is stuck experiment was carried out first, or guided by the designer to

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