Provider for all kinds of luxury shell mosaic tiles products

Our business mainly in exporting and domestic hotel projects, mainly export to the USA, Canada, Germany, Middle East, UK, Italy, Brazil, Australia, France, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, India, and other regions. Representative works for hotel include the hotel InterContinental Shanghai Expo, Macau grapes Plaza Hotel, Beijing Marriott Hotel, Beijing Fortune Plaza, Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel, Foshan Shangri-la Hotel, Ningbo Youngor big Toyama Hotel, Ningbo Kaiyuan Hotel, Tianyu Hotel Nanchang, Jiangxi Radio, Liaobin Boak hotels, Hunan shaping building villas, Changsha Belgravia bathing, Changsha county original Mei Village House, Changsha Uptown Plaza Luxurious model room, Changsha legend bathing, Qinghai Fu Yin Changle International Hotel and many other projects.

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