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For many years, Hunan Star of Ocean Shell Decoration Material Co., Ltd has built a reputation in the development and production of mosaic tiles mother of pearl under the highest “Made in China” quality standards. We are legitimated with the business license. Our Customer Service can provide a photograph of the license (readable) if you need. It will clearly show our business categories. For your information, every legitimate company in China will have a business license. The license will tell you if the supplier is a manufacturer. If the company will not provide the license, be very suspicious.

HIYOSENCE is a reliable partner for pearl shell mosaic. We have many years of experience in product production and overseas marketing. The shell panel series has become a hot product of HIYOSENCE. The main materials of this type of shell mosaic with joint products are pearl shell mosaic. It is suitable for traditional, modern, minimalist or even industrial styles. This product is characterized by the intense brightness only using a very little amount of power consumption. Thus, it's super friendly to users' wallets. It has obtained quality certificates from SGS.

HIYOSENCE is devoted to providing high-quality shell mosaic without joint and service for customers. Inquire!
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