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by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-11
Mosaic art forms can be traced back more than 2000 years ago.Ceramic, marble or glass mosaic tiles are often used for wall and floor decoration.The ancient mosaic is used to depict the mythical monsters, the mental environment, the photos of the dayto-Everyday Life and geometric patterns.
Today, it is necessary to assemble small pieces of glass or stone (and later tiles) for making attractive artistic or religious works.About 10 years ago, archaeologists explored a variety of mosaics starting in the first or second centuries of AD.D.The different mosaic panels that beautify the walls of ancient swimming pools are considered the highest instance of mosaic art ever.
The tradition of mosaic art is still continuing, because mosaic can meet both practical and ornamental needs.In addition to other materials such as glass, non-glass, there are spectacular tile mosaics or marble mosaicsNatural stone, porcelain and clay.Ceramic tiles are famous for many applications at present.
Design and construction.
Their presence is often felt in the swimming pool, bathroom and kitchen for tailgates, sidewalks and wooden tiles.Ceramic or marble mosaic tiles almost never beforeEnd the collection of colors and designs.According to the color scheme, small tiles are usually available on the sheets.
The color scheme may be concentrated on a single color, a variety of finishes, a variety of colors, a color gradient, or a variation of exactly one color.A color scheme can combine marble or glass mosaic tiles or other materials together.There are all kinds of wood grain, clay bricks, porcelain and ceramic mosaic tiles on the market.
Most have sizes from 150x150 to 800x800.
Some are also suitable for beautifying walls.The tiles in the kitchen and toilet often meet a variety of uses in the form of walls, floors, shower bathtubs and Bath pads.Ceramic and glass mosaic tiles are specially designed for walls.
Vacuum glass tiles allow light to pass through while maintaining privacy.Some are very clear, some are patterns carved on glass.Non-The natural culture stone is another choice of the wall;It produces the appearance of a stone or brick.
Wall tiles are not limited to the interior of the house.In addition, there are exterior wall tiles of various sizes.Ceramic or marble mosaic tiles can change the home as they are made from natural stone.
The roof tiles provide another option for the external use of the mosaic
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