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Decorative shell Mosaic texture, shells, shell setting wall, shell Mosaic price

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Decorative shell Mosaic texture, shells, shell setting wall, shell Mosaic price
shell Mosaic hearing the name alone feel the natural tall building materials of ceramic tile is very beautiful, in normal times have been seen maybe you didn't notice it. We just attracted by the surface of the shell Mosaic is often not enough, today we have to deeply understand the this kind of shell Mosaic, shell Mosaic not only look very beautiful, but also is very good, then we will thoroughly understand the Mosaic.
shell Mosaic is a natural pearl shells as raw materials, tone is given priority to with natural colour and lustre and grain shells, fusion of modern humanistic design concept, adopt jewelry processing, refined but become fashionable, environmental protection of high-grade decoration materials. Her elegant, natural color, soft, not only with the brilliance of pearl, also reflected the mystery of ocean in the house decoration. She derived from nature, can make our lives more natural elements, let you can swim in the home of advocate natural chang in the arms of the sea, relax and enjoy the nature with pleasure.
shell Mosaic decoration out significant sex is really strong, where both decoration is a kind of beautiful scenery.
shell Mosaic price factors affect the price of shell Mosaic is also have a lot of, first of all, we should consider the quality of shell Mosaic level problem, the price of the material is qualitative good shell Mosaic for some more expensive; The second is to consider the size you choose shell Mosaic need problem, need the area is larger, the price will be high; There is market environment of literature and art, you on the outside of the building materials market to buy shell Mosaic is supposed to read on the Internet is a little expensive, but see on building materials market to ensure the quality of some. , of course, the price of shell Mosaic calculation or according to square meter, less than one hundred yuan a square meter price is some, on hundreds of thousands of square meters of shell Mosaic is not without, price this is must depend on oneself to choose.

shell Mosaic benefits 1, no radiation, no pollution. This kind of shell Mosaic materials derived from natural, no radiation pollution, there will be no more after decorating peculiar smell;
2, bibulous rate is low, good moisture resistance. Shell Mosaic of density is high, has good moisture resistance, combined with hard so it is not easy to deformation;
3, color constancy. Material is derived from the nature, have not faded color characteristics, stand the test of time, whether in natural light or light appears colorful;
4, specification is small, light weight. Shell Mosaic is made up of small single, small specification, material, compared with other material Mosaic up it is easier to decorate the shop is stuck;
5, used in a wide variety. Shell Mosaic considerable strong sex, no matter where decoration all show elegant temperament, ground, swimming pool, garden landscape, toilet, and many other places can be used.

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