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Detailed Top Ten Highlights of Apple iPad 2

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-06-23
Apple officially announced can be a big generation of tablet PCs to Apple iPad 2, iPad 2 in many different ways more powerful than asked. The A5 uses frequency 1GHz dual-core processor, while 33% of the fuselage to reduce the thickness before and after new camera can shoot 720P HD video, relatively comprehensive upgrade of the previous generation. But there are also regrets the Department, for instance the previously most vocal Retina display screen, the end does not appear in iPad 2, the following is left for us iPad 2 and 5 great pity that very best ten highlights: One of the features the top ten highlights: iOS 4.3 iPad 2 is lastly killer iOS 4.3, the new ios 4.3 adds hot sharing. Meanwhile, the new AirPlay AirPlay can share that's not a problem Apple TV video, records. Nitro JavaScript engine to parse the browser page faster. The second function of the top ten highlights: 9 times show performance Compared with the processor upgrade, apple ipad 2 performance in graphics performance is more impressive, showing a 9-fold performance improvement. This means that, iPad 2 not only can 1080P HD video output, there is an tips that you can use DVD to iPad for mac get rid of the incompatibilities issue so that perfect smoothly view the DVD movie against your own iPad 2. 3D games, the use of large-scale software there are a faster high performance. What's more, the ipad video converter for mac would also be your optimal option that is worth your attempt Top Ten Highlights of the three: A5 dual-core processor As expected, Apple will debut the A4 while using iPad has upgraded the processor to get in the dual-core era. ipad 2 GHz dual-core processor is still A5 1GHz, but the A5 has two core processors trend of performance to the original 2-fold. Top Ten Highlights belonging to the four: 1080 high-definition output Benefit from the enhancement of graphics capabilities, iPad support 1080P HD video output, so you can easily use the iPad Every single time a high-definition player, transfer the playback quality source to high-definition Tv.Apple introduced this specially such a fitting, but necessitates a separate purchase price of 39 dollars. IPad thinner than the actual generation of 1 / 3 of the iPad 2 will you have to be convenient to get a many different experience. With ultra-thin body iPad 2, Apple designed the Smart Cover shell, more practical and effect. Top Ten Highlights only five: the imagination of thin iPad 2 in body fat and thin thickness of very alarming, and its thickness become 8.8 mm, the thickness of not the body than earlier 13.4 33% thinner, and over once the 'world's thinnest smart phone' iPhone 4 also To thin (9.7 mm). Sixth belonging to the top ten highlights: Double 3D it support iPad 2 there are many versions, files color, capacity, and network support, ipad will also launch AT & T and Verizon's cooperation versions, mac iPad converter supports WCDMA and CDMA EV-DO Rev.A 3G network widespread.CDMA version of 3G iPad which will be the first time, so, iPad, iPhone has recently covered two of the most widely used global 3G standard. In China, China Unicom and China Telecom are to be able to introduce. Seven of the top ten highlights: iPad into the era Facetime Since the iPhone 4 after the launch of a golf dvd call Facetime, Facetime started fast in Apple product upgrades, coupled with the camera is also entered iPad Facetime building. Now MacBook Air, iMac, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 Facetime are already a function, these devices can be carried by helping cover their the iPad Facetime video calls. Highlights of the eight top ten: the battery is still strong Body light and processor upgrades for the battery life will inevitably bring new challenges, the iPad 2 surrender of the respondents even now keeping preceding generation iPad battery life, running 10 hours, standby for 30 days. Top Ten Highlights for this nine: three-axis gyroscope This are going to Apple iPhone 4, itouch 4 on three-axis gyroscope with the growth of the iPad 2, the development three-axis gyroscope performance will iPad 2 play online game more features, especially instantly three-dimensional game . Apple apple ipad 2 top ten highlights: Highlights in the ten: non colored documents color Near the time the latter days on sale, Ipad2 exposure in the border accessory, indicating ipad 2 there in order to two as well as white white, a tremendous with Steve jobs announced the final line. The particular iPhone 4 different, iPad handling of black and white color is very clever, in support positive part of the screen panel a different color border around the back are equivalent aluminum alloy body cover. iPad 2 no difference in price of black and white color, are from 499 Ough.S. dollars. These will be top ten Apple iPad 2's bright spot, but iPad 2 compared with no user's expectations are not perfect, a lot of very concered about the extra features by the user did not join.
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