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Does HIYOSENCE provide OEM service?
Yes. OEM service is seen as the most desirable service at Hunan Star of Ocean Shell Decoration Material Co., Ltd. By offering design concepts to us, customers are expected to obtain the finest quality product. As we get involved in the manufacturing of shell mosaic for sale for years, we are endowed with full knowledge related to the technique improvement. We are qualified to produce the desired product according to customer guidance. Under the contract signed by both parties, we will treat the design files in strict confidentiality to protect the customers' business interests.

HIYOSENCE, a leadership in mosaic mother of pearl innovation, is thought highly of by peer competitors for its strong competence in developing and manufacturing. The shell panel series has become a hot product of HIYOSENCE. The product can be printed with high quality and highly glamorous colors. It can make the packaged product stand out. It comes in different patterns, including hexagons, rectangles, and circles. It soft and pure light color provides a comfortable illumination environment in which we can relax our minds.It has a perfectly smooth and polished surface.

HIYOSENCE emphasizes the importance of honest and friendly relationship with our customers. Please contact.
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