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For your home with natural environmental protection luster bright beautiful shell Mosaic tiles

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
For your home with natural environmental protection luster bright beautiful shell Mosaic tiles
many people don't know what shell Mosaic tiles, often mistaken for shell Mosaic tiles and other polished tile, glazed tile, wall tile, etc. It's just a name that, today for everyone to introduce what is real shell Mosaic tiles, and what are the features:
shell Mosaic tiles definition is introduced:
Mosaic ( Mosaic) Ceramic tile, building professional term for Mosaic, divided into two kinds of ceramic Mosaic and glass Mosaic. Ceramic tile is a kind of decorative arts, often use many small stones or colored shards of glass Mosaic pattern, the glass art in the church, also known as the window. In the Byzantine empire, Mosaic as Christianity rise and development of the mural painting in the churches and palaces. Nowadays the Mosaic refers to this type of colourful visual effect.
shell Mosaic tile. From the depths of the sea shells or artificial breeding shells. Has a natural inoculation and luster. For example. Pearl color such as white, black, pink. Decorate the space that occupy the home. Whether it is a wall or the desktop. Its warm touch and colour and lustre, compared with artificial building materials. Much kindness. But the hardness is not enough. Not suitable for floor tile.
shell Mosaic tile, currently on the market is developed in recent years. Shells from deep sea shells or by artificial breeding. Deep sea shells less supply of goods, and pick up the danger, the unit price is higher. And artificial breeding shells, quantity, unit price is relatively cheap, deep-sea mining pick shellfish, mostly Alexander creek, regions or countries such as Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam imports, to manual cutting and Mosaic. Products currently has black butterfly, white butterfly shell, yellow butterfly, pink shell, grandma screw shell, etc. Because slowly breeds in the bosom of nature, so the size is larger, colour and lustre is beautiful. Produced in Australia, for example, white butterfly, maximum size width can be up to 25 cm.
farmed shells, there are only mother-of-pearl. Because it is artificial breeding, develop fast, shell size is not large, and colour and lustre is not deep seashells clear round, so the unit price is low. However, the manual cutting and retain the most essential parts to a patchwork Mosaic brick, were it not for professional personnel, also is unable to distinguish and the difference of natural shell, therefore more by consumers love.
the characteristics of the Mosaic tiles:
, a Mosaic tiles with environment protection. Shell Mosaic, marble Mosaic, jade Mosaic and so on are all made using pure natural raw materials, without any harmful substances in the machining process. In today's era of the pursuit of environmental protection, the pursuit of natural, Mosaic tiles made these natural materials the most meet the environmental protection concept.
2, Mosaic tiles with strong decorative. Puzzles in the form of Mosaic tiles strengthening its adornment sex, Mosaic material is very rich and color changes, it from traditional small stone grain gradually evolved into shell, ceramics, metal, glass and other materials as raw materials. Mosaic can deduce the material itself temperament, emotional appeal of incisively and vividly, in decoration and interior space, can it do other adornment ornament materials, can also be large area using the Mosaic background wall; Can use Mosaic tile color gradients, also can use all kinds of geometry.
3, Mosaic with long service life characteristics. Because the main raw material of Mosaic is natural stone material, more in terms of its wear resistance, is the adornment material such as ceramic tile and wood floor. For Mosaic tile gap between each small particles is more, the formation of its ability to resist stress is much more advantage than other adornment material, it is also a Mosaic can after one thousand years, from the Roman era into our modern life, and it's wonderful.
4, Mosaic tiles with security. Have very good skid resistance and abrasion resistance make the Mosaic tiles are widely used in bath center, swimming pool, hutch defends the antiskid demanding place such as space, compared to other traditional materials already practical beautiful.

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