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glass mosaic tile art - creating mosaic tables

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-11
How do you make cute stained glass mosaic tables?
Once you know these basic steps, your creativity can be taken over.
If you want something truly unique on the mosaic table, forget about the many common round mosaic bistro tables on the metal stand, which look like they were produced on the assembly line.
Instead, try to integrate the beautiful stained glass design into a real desktopwood furniture.
Start with an unfinished table where unfinished furniture is sold at a local or online store.
If you shop online, because you can often find the same product within a large price range.
Search for \"Unfinished furniture\" and you will get a lot of clicks.
These things I bought are usually made from parswood, a hard wood from rubber plantations in Malaysia.
Its density is the same as birch or ash in strength as Maple.
Finish the table with high stains, seals and
High quality products.
Apply stains and topcoats using a rag or brush.
I would suggest wearing plastic gloves if using rags.
See if you have a ga in your local Super Center-
It took only a few dollars to buy countless.
They are cheap but they work.
Wood furniture can also be painted for dramatic effects.
White, for example, is a good color for a breeze and beach decor.
Protective finish on stains or paint can be glossy, semi-glossy
Shine or satin according to your preference.
By applying colored glass with a white primer, prepare the table top to receive the colored glass.
White helps make colored glass look bright and beautiful when placedplace.
Although a piece of stained glass may look opaque, it is usually just translucent, and the white background of the desktop helps to keep the color of the glass bright.
Draw a colored glass pattern directly on the painted desktop.
Depending on the pattern, each piece of colored glass is measured and cut using appropriate tools, depending on the shape and complexity of the glass.
Grind the edges of each piece to remove all sharp edges.
This ensures that the edges exposed on the desktop are blunt, so no one can hurt themselves when dusting, wiping, cleaning, or otherwise using the desktop.
Most online stained glass shops offer decent glass grinding machines between $90 and $150.
Sometimes local hobby shops are sold at half price.
You don\'t need heavy-
Industrial dutyPower, Super
A duper grinder for $250.
The cheap $100 is usually good for average glass craftsmen.
If you work with colored glass and glass bricks, then you should bite your teeth and buy a glass grinder.
When all the stains
Glass chips-
Place, apply mud.
Apply high after grouting is cured
A high quality mud sealing device that helps protect the color of the mud from dirt and spills.
After the seal is completely dry, clean and buffer the glass with a paper towel or a clean and soft cloth.
To add a better touch, sign the furniture on the bottom of the desktop using a permanent feel --tip pen.
The result is a beautiful artwork that functions at home or in the office.
Each piece of stained glass mosaic furniture is unique, even if the same pattern is used, as no two pieces of glass can be handmade
Cut exactly the same.
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