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glass mosaic tile art: mosaic glass cutters

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-11
The art of making exquisite glass mosaic tiles is simple!Let me show you.Wheeled glass cutting machine is essential for creating glass mosaic.I use it to cut and shape glass and colored glass.It can also be used to cut smalti.The wheel cutter is cleaner than the tile cutter.Two carbide wheels (or steel) are fixed if you buy cheap knives.The wheels do not score and break, but apply uniform pressure on the top and bottom of the glass, causing the glass to break along the wheel line.The wheels are replaceable and will eventually become dull, but not until thousands of cuts.Each wheel is fixed in place by a fixing screw (usually Allen screw.When your cut becomes significantly less clean than when the cutter is new, loosen the screws with an Allen wrench and rotate each wheel about 1/8-Inch, then re-Tighten the screws.By changing the position of each wheel touching the glass, you have actually replaced the blade.It takes a long time and a lot of cuts to use the entire perimeter of the wheels, especially if they are carbide.When the wheels end up getting dim, I suggest buying a brand new tool.The wheels account for most of the tool cost, so you won\'t save much by simply purchasing the replacement wheels.With a brand new tool, not only the wheels are sharp, the rubber handle is also new and clean (the rubber wear is dirty) and the spring is fixed-place.From time to time, the spring broke free from my tool.The tool can still use loose springs, but there is nothing to prevent the handle from spreading too far.Spring falls off when this happens.It\'s annoying to drop the spring and watch it pop out of reach and then have to take it out of my chair to retrieve it.I tried to weld it in place permanently, but it didn\'t work because I couldn\'t heat the metal to hot enough.So, the springs kept falling off until I bought a new tool.Another reason to buy new tools and not just replace the wheels is that if you drop the tools, it is possible to lose alignment of the wheels.So, when you think the wheels need to be replaced, after several items, I suggest you buy a brand new tool.When your new tool arrives, use the Allen wrench to tighten the screws as much as possible.Then, use a carving knife, paint, felt-Hint marks (or anything you have permanent marks) make a small tick line on one side of each wheel touching the glass when cutting (the two tick lines should be aligned with each other ).I use the engraving tool to make the tick line so I don\'t have to worry about the paint or ink being wiped out eventually.After hundreds of cuts, loosen the screw, turn each wheel slightly, and tighten the screw again.After several adjustments, the tick line has become a complete circle indicating that it is time to replace the tool (or just replace the wheel if you wish ).Don\'t be surprised if the wheel turns itself.Regardless of my multi-purpose force on these screws, it is obviously not tight enough because the wheel slowly rotates itself under the pressure of the cutting process.After several days of cutting, I noticed that the tick line was no longer directly aligned with each other, indicating a slight rotation of the wheel.Maybe I\'m a weak guy, but I just can\'t screw the screws tight enough to keep them still.However, it doesn\'t matter to me because if they turn it themselves then I don\'t have to do it manually.Keep in mind that making mosaic art is easy.You can do it.Yes , you can!
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