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House household decorates shell Mosaic is introduced and the technique of the right to choose

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
House household decorates shell Mosaic is introduced and the technique of the right to choose
1, shell Mosaic paste installation, can be the same as other types of Mosaic paste ( Such as glass, stone, etc. ) 。 With a mixture of white cement and glue paste, or directly with ceramic binder etc, then wipe clean can.
2, ensure sufficient time to dry, generally for 24 hours, after being shell Mosaic completely adhesive, reoccupy appropriate caulking agent to fill gaps and erased.
3, natural marble texture is diversiform, adornment effect is very strong. Color and is of rich varieties, but through the organic combination of different colors for different styles of design. The use scope is extremely widespread, such as the hotel lobby, corridor, between wei yu, etc.
4, Mosaic from the material can be divided into three categories: ceramic Mosaic: can not add any modifiers, retain a rough surface, if the glaze firing, will form a smooth surface. General ceramic Mosaic, have waterproof, moistureproof, wear resistance and easy to clean, but its plasticity is not strong, mostly used for exterior wall and hutch defends, etc.
5, bibulous rate is low, the elements of this is to ensure that the Mosaic durable, so need to test water absorption, drop by drop on the back of Mosaic, the quality of the water droplets to the good, the quality of the permeate down.

shell Mosaic order process is roughly as follows: the owner choose or provide Mosaic pictures - — Architects design drawings - — The owner confirmed drawings - — Shell Mosaic - — Delivery of the goods.
in general, shell Mosaic, customized time is related to the difficulty of the puzzle and area. If the area is not large, shell Mosaic materials in 3 ~ 4 square meters, there are 15 days or so can be completed; The area of the larger need about 30 days.
it is important to note that the collage shell Mosaic generally have special materials and gap filling agent, need to Mosaic store to buy. In addition, the difficulty is not great Mosaic is generally not package, make good shell Mosaic will first spell into small units, such as the specifications of the 30 cm * 30 cm, at the back number, it can let decorate construction personnel for collage. The design of complex make best brand merchants to provide the shop is stuck. Mosaic TV setting wall lets a bedroom tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood
the more elaborate collage more expensive

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