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how glass mosaic tile is mounted

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-11
All glass mosaic tiles will be installed in a variety of ways.
However, it will be a front or back installation.
Be sure to read the product description carefully before purchasing so you can know in advance how your product will arrive.
Most glass tiles less than 1 inch stick their faces on paper or on a transparent adhesive strip.
Many people ask why.
The answer is simple.
Glass mosaic tiles are usually 3/4 \"x 3/4 \".
During the installation process, you want the back of each tile to bond as much as possible with the adhesive.
If there is a mesh liner, then the area of the thin sleeve catching the glass will become smaller.
If the installer has never had experience installing it this way, it seems like a pain point.
Some installers even install the paper backwards.
Once the paper is wet from the thin sleeve, the tiles begin to fall off.
Be sure to let your installers know if your tiles are installed on the surface so they can learn how to install them properly before making expensive mistakes.
Tiles reinstalled on the grid are easier to install, so it is generally preferable.
This installation method is used more for 1 \"or larger tiles.
Larger tiles are often thicker.
The weight of this tile is better than that of paper on the grid.
The installer usually has no problem applying these re-installed sheets on the grid.
It is always recommended that you let your professional installer know the size of the tiles and sheets in advance so that he/she can be prepared.
Glass mosaic tiles of various shapes and sizes can be purchased.
Be sure to read the description carefully so you know what you are buying and you will get an actual sample if possible.
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