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How many shell mosaic tile manufacturers are produced by HIYOSENCE per month?
Thanks to the introduction of advanced machines, Hunan Star of Ocean Shell Decoration Material Co., Ltd is able to produce shell mosaic per month. As we have focusing on productivity enhancement for years, we are capable to make full of raw materials and promptly meet due time for orders. There may be some changes in the monthly output considering the actual demands from our customers and the maintenance of the production machine. Customers should be free from worry as we are a reliable manufacturer ready to process manufacturing on time.

HIYOSENCE, a leadership in mother of pearl tiles kitchen innovation, is thought highly of by peer competitors for its strong competence in developing and manufacturing. The shell panel series has become a hot product of HIYOSENCE. Design result showed that the framed structure of shell composite tile has characters of handsome appearance. It comes in different patterns, including hexagons, rectangles, and circles. Compared to any other lights, it should be noticed that the chips of this product operate at a low voltage that the human body can withstand, thus it is much safer in the perspective of users. With proper maintenance, it will not darken over time.

In the process of its business operation, HIYOSENCE has paid great attention to the molding of corporate culture. Contact!
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