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Introduce The Principle Of Waterproof Tv And Wifi

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-06-14
Circuit board: Waterproof circuit board is designed using a waterproof structure, Compact structure, design regional and hove explosion-proof, water proof, dust proof, antiseptic many associated with functions. Waterproof coating in order to applied in the circuit board and Waterproof shell structure make up perfect for the control double water-proof, moisture proof, anti-fog design. Glass panel has been designed and manufactured can prevent excessive condensation on the panel, The Waterproof design to avoid circuit board to suffer with damp and longer TV life. In order to safely use the international standard of bathroom waterproof electronics that must pass the IPX6 waterproof Test. Waterproof Remote Control: It has been specially designed to drift on the water when you have a bath. Waterproof Remote Control: It already been specially designed to float on the water when you shower, so that you should not worry about the remote control always be damaged when you accidentally make good remote control fell into the. Luxurite is a brand of waterproof TV has eight years experience of the design and product has been designed seamless touch-sensitive buttons on TV and You get an an effect sync. The seamless Design is not only beautiful but may well also play a well-known waterproof function. Waterproof power: The power source is specially in order to emit very low heat. Waterproof power: The power supply is specially designed to emit very low heat. If the embedded structure on the TV, to make sure the stability of television inside the selection.Installation: LUXURITE will offer two installation in line with the customer, One will be the wall, the other is embedded. Embedded Design combined is not wall as a whole, to help the overall aesthetics even though increasing security.Shell Material: Shell Material using ABS plastic shell to rot find it difficult to rust in the acid-base cement wall facade.heat sinks: For constant fin width, the heat sink with the highest fins has convey . your knowledge thermal performance. The high temperature sinks transfer heat to the shell and then transfer heat into the air.Mirror effect: With the development of glass control light technology, Mirror panel has been suitable for the family en-suite.WIFI function: luxurite brand of waterproof TV with WIFI function, and the Wireless-device 802.11bor 802.11b/g wireless lan (with the IntelPRO/Wireless web solution of Intel CentrinoTM calculated techs) The wireless keyboard and mouse enables operations of the computer from up in order to great distance to provide maximum flexibility and convenience of wear.
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