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Introduce you dyed the color of shell Mosaic visual sense and beautiful bright luster

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Introduce you dyed the color of shell Mosaic visual sense and beautiful dazzling luster
the family is decorated is a big thing, it involves many aspects, so a lot of people feel very headache, just to decorate a company to all; But also have a lot of customers don't trust decoration companies, wants to understand how to decorate the actual situation, in this case, have to have some basic knowledge of the decoration, after at least know some will not be decorated a company to deceive, that really need to know what are the basic knowledge in decorating? Interpretation of this article is to introduce shell Mosaic, warm touch and beautiful luster, together and see it!

shell Mosaic is very popular in recent years of interior decoration materials. Using pure natural shell material: abalone shell, black butterfly bei, huang2 die2 shell, white butterfly, decorative shell, pink shell, gold lip shellfish, freshwater shellfish, etc. Pass by exquisite technical processing and become, and combined by hand using the most advanced machinery to create perfect effect; Shells in the natural texture is the characteristic of shell Mosaic other adornment material, each a small piece of texture and each are not identical, together, there is a feeling of cheng brightness of dazzling; It comes from the nature, embodies the nature, it is the sign of noble taste. From the collage method, shell Mosaic is divided into two categories, with and without cracks, cracks have crack only is the population of the substrate. Seamless and dense, close together have a lot of substrate, such as population, composite panels, aluminum plate, the bottom of the ceramic tile and so on.
it is well known that the characteristics of shell Mosaic is the largest natural, environmental protection. In addition, the shell Mosaic also has resistance to acid, anti-oxidation, and many other features. Shell Mosaic with natural luster and texture, each piece is unique. From the side view, each piece of luster is different, have different color, this is not artificial can imitate.

deep-sea mining cockle, colour and lustre beautiful

shell Mosaic, currently on the market has been appeared in recent years, belong to the scope of new ceramic tile. Its use of shell is deep sea shells or artificial breeding, but due to the deep sea shells quantity is less, and collection difficulties, has certain security hidden danger, so the deep sea shell Mosaic price is higher, the price of every square in 600 yuan of above, there is no lack of high-end product in ten thousand yuan of above.

the choose and buy of shell Mosaic advice

shell Mosaic when the choose and buy, because people are not comprehensive and understanding of natural shell and artificial shells, especially the shells after artificial processing of artificial breeding, retained the essence part of its, its shape and natural shell Mosaic made of brick. So when the choose and buy needs to listen to the opinions of the professionals.

shell Mosaic installation recommendations

on construction, since the stiffness of the shell is not high, so do not recommend using shell Mosaic tile for floor tile, the ceramic tile is suitable for decorating metope or use on furniture, at the same time as a result of the ceramic tile surface waterproof, can also be used as a bath metope adornment. After finish installing shell Mosaic tile, due to the uneven surface, need to use machine to grind just can use.

shell Mosaic maintenance Suggestions

shell Mosaic after artificial processing, although USES the natural biological, but its surface is no pores, at the same time due to the waterproof performance of ceramic tile, so the cleaning and maintenance of shell Mosaic can use wet cloth to clean, dry, maintain a smooth surface.

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