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by:HIYOSENCE     2020-06-12
We have been supplying various equipments such as 1. Spin Flash Dryers 2. Rotary Vacuum Dryers 3. Plough Mixers 4. Jacketed Ball Mills 5. Continuous Ball Mills 6. Sigma Mixers 7. Sand Mills 8. Dispersers 9. Agitators and Blenders? The equipments are formulated, manufactured and supplied by us on turnkey basis and as per the specific needs of our consumers. We be proud of supplying systems that are reliable and energy efficient. We have pilot kinds of? 1. Rotary Vacuum Dryer. 2. Spin Flash Hair dryer. 3. Plough Mixers. 4. Sigma Mixer (kneader). The above equipments are listed with us for conducting trials regarding goods to get dried, blended or kneaded. This enables us to suggest and supply the right sort of machine to precise needs individual customers. Techno Designs offers Ball Mills in a lot of styles with regard to example Batch, Continues, Jacketed and Non Jacketed for powder grinding and wet? grinding quite a few materials as varied as Minerals to Pigments. The Ball Mills are versatile grinding equipments are generally utilised directly attributed Pigments, Paints, Minerals business.? Techno Designs has committed to manufacturing of Continuous Ball Mills for various applications. The unique feature on the mill is its unit. The shaft run outs for mills of 20000 Ltrs capacity is significantly than 200 microns. The support? bases are from fabricated plate sections and also the top plate where the bearings rest are planed to convey a perfect seat. Continuous Mills are offeredin1)EndPeripheralDischargetype2)TrunionDischargetypeand3)AirSwepttype.? Jacketed mills are offered for cooling as well concerning heating applications further. TECHNO DESIGNS HAS ALREADY MANUFACTURED MILLS WITH GROSS VOLUMETRIC CAPACITY OF 25000 LTRS WITH DRIVE MOTOR OF 425 H.P. TECHNO Bead Mills are capable of manufacturing finely dispersed finished product from directly charged raw components. Three operations of premixing, grinding and dispersing are combined within one bike. The machine operates on the principle of shear created around the mass differential of product and grinding media. The grinding medium is chosen the vessel wall through the action on the specially designed disc impeller. This continually moving mass of grinding media is force-flowed over the side of your vertical vessel wall, the action continuing before the vortex spiral directs the media movement towards the agitator shaft for another continuous cycle of meetings. The main grinding shell is jacketed for cpu cooling. This is a quite speedy operation wherein major goods are achieved into the respective gauges in about 1-1/2 hours time.? The applications are Synthetic enamels, Water based primers, Red oxide primers, Artist colours, Flexography inks, Industrial closes. Techno Designs offers Horizontal in addition to Vertical Sand Mills for wet grinding of several types of materials such as Pigments, Agrochemicals, Dyes, Paints, Minerals and various other type chemicals etc. Many . primarily used as size lowering of the fibers. This Bead Mills are used for continuous dispersion and fine wet grinding for high to low viscosity pumpable fluids. PRINCIPLE The necessary energy for grinding has by rotating the beads by regarding discs fixed on the agitator. The grinding beads transfers proceed to expand into all the and high shear and high peripheral velocities reduces the particle proportions of the material to be ground. CONTINUOUS It is made up of Horizontal/Vertical Cylindrical jacketed shell with a central shaft on which number of discs is bound. The shell is provided with cooling hat. The shaft end is sealed by double mechanical seal The feed pump and the electric panel is mounted while on the leading machine with all necessary required instrumentation and controls. The grinding beads are separated from the insulation material by the use of gap separator or by Wedge Exhibit. Techno Designs offers RVD for clean, simple and effective way of drying of wet cakes, wet powders, slurries where either solvent is to be recovered or drying needs to be carried out at somewhat low temperature for heat sensitive fabric. CONSTRUCTION It incorporates a hollow shaft with specially designed hollow arms, which are heated by steam / hot water/ thermic fluid; rotating from a centrally jacketed shell. The entire shell area is effectively covered the actual specially designed scrapper arms, which scrape the entire internal top of the flash dryer and continuously move and rotate cling remaining talking to hot surfaces for protracted periods of their time. This reduces the drying the moment. OPERATION After starting agitation, feed is charged and vacuum is definitely applied in RVD, dust catcher, condenser and av receiver. Then heating the mass causes vapor to evaporate, which is subsequently condensed and collected in target. The recovery of solvent is maximum and drying time is low by using higher heat transfer, vacuum and intensive mixing. SALIENT FEATURES As each material is exclusive in nature, Techno Designs offers pilot trial for understanding drying behaviour and predicting data on power and heat input together with drying free time. Optional features like breaker bar (for minimizing lump formation for particle size reduction), nitrogen purging (for explosion proof environment), stationary scrapper blades ( for scrapping rotating agitator for highly sticky material), sampling valve (for collecting samples during vacuum application), flame proof motors (for Ex-proof environment) MODELS AVAILABLE Gross capacity from 50 ltrs to 16000 ltrs? Material of construction : C.S, SS 304, SS 316 APPLICATION Dyes and Pigments, Agrochemicals, Polymers, Metal Powders, Herbal Items, Pharmaceuticals, Food Items, Speciality Harsh chemicals.
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