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make sure that you clean and maintain glass mosaic tiles the right way

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-12
Innovative products in the tile sector have made millions of people smile on their faces.
For example, a mixture of glass, stone and metal represents some outstanding foreign creations.
Families will like them because of the mysterious environment they create, and enterprises will certainly establish an absolutely overwhelming environment.
The transparent and bright colored glass tiles are also very attractive and cheer the walls up with a vibrant effect.
The kitchen tailgate and shower area can be installed anywhere, but are usually decorated with colorful glass tiles.
Many of the advantages of glass tile glass are not as expensive as other tile materials, so most people can use them.
Glass bricks are also very durable.
They can be cleaned easily and are relatively simple to maintain.
In addition, they are not contaminated or prey to bacteria.
Mold and mold also do no harm to them.
Glass Tile
This will protect against all kinds of threats.
Ceramics are porous materials with higher cost.
Any wall or design of the home, shop and office will be lifted with the elegance of the wall tiles in a variety of colors and shapes sparkling.
They are very popular because of their luminous intensity.
However, one disadvantage needs to be considered.
The surface of the sparkling glass leaves fingerprints and footprints.
There will be water marks on the glass.
If such problems occur at the counter or on the floor, cleaning is usually the only solution to keep the glass sparkling clean and polished.
Keep reading and learn how to best clean the glass brick and keep it looking like brand new. A Stress-
Free cleaning technology the danger of scratching the surface of beautiful glass bricks is the problem.
The tailgate or bathtub mosaic, while strong, may leave scratches.
In order to avoid this danger
Grind clean material.
We want the glass bricks to shine.
One way to achieve this is to add the same amount of vinegar and water to the spray bottle.
Spray the solution on the tile and let it sit there for about ten minutes.
If you rub the tiles with a soft cloth or gently brush, soap slag and hard water stains will be cleaned up.
Now rinse and dry with cold water.
Clean stains due to the deposition of calcium, magnesium on hard water and bathroom mosaics.
A mixture of white vinegar and baking soda can help.
Pour the vinegar on the stain first, then sprinkle baking soda on the vinegar.
Bubbles will soon form.
Wash the tiles with cold water and dry them.
Toothpaste can also remove stains, but this stain is more rough than a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, but may not scratch the tiles.
The task of how to clean the tailgate kitchen to clean the tailgate is similar to cleaning the bathroom mosaic tiles.
Clean solution easy to prepare.
Add half a teaspoon of detergent to a spray bottle or a bowl of warm water.
Now, either spray on the tailgate or clean with a sponge or cloth soaked in the mixture.
Use a clean cloth afterwards, wipe it clean with cold water, and dry it.
Cleaning the Mud removes dirt from the mud, which can be a headache as it is porous and will soon be contaminated.
As part of regular maintenance, spray the grouting surface with mixture such as white vinegar and warm water.
Wait five minutes and rub with a soft toothbrush.
Completed by flushing and drying with water.
If the stain is serious, put a glass of baking soda-
Paste water on the mud before using vinegar-water solution.
You need a stronger cleaner if mold hits the mud.
Use a regular mud cleaner, or spray the area with a mixture of a quarterly cup of bleach and a third-quarter glass of water.
Finally, scrub with a soft brush before flushing and wiping the tiles and drying.
It is really satisfying to clean the glass bricks in sparkling mosaic colors.
The investment will be safe using simple cleaning techniques.
Glass will shine like gold.
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