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MBT2000 Battle Tank

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-06-12
Our company has committed to the sales of MBT Shoes.It is very suprise that MBT2000 is a brand of tank,rared. Now I might like to introduce this battle tank to you. In the recent international exhibition of weapon equipment in China, many audiences were paying more attention on the exhibited MBT2000 of battle tank, and a lot people have a question that the connection of MBT2000 battle tank along with the 1990s China appearances 90 - II battle casual.Its MBT - 2000, the predecessor of the battle tank is 90 - II battle tank, we will based on public information, simple talk of the tank function. 90 - II designation wz123 China north industries Co., LTD. (NORINCO) research and production of the new generation of 21st century battle tank, after nearly 10 Years of development, in 2000, the formal name for design MBT2000 battle tank. This battle tank fire performance, mobility and prevention.Protect performance have reached advanced level in the world. The main battle tank MBT2000 weapon is one door have hot sheath and life-weary taker of 125 HuaTangBao mm device, can launch tail stable shell Ap, hollow propellant sunder armor and kill grenade. Reload of autoloader, further reduce injection. Anti-aircraft guns Interior * longitudinal shooting. The fire control system with tracking command to fireside control, for example ceremony steady laser rangefinder coupled the new stability of your ordnance officer at mirror, commander normal routine.Mirror, auto tracking, ground navigation system, control panel, ballistic computer, the infrared thermography sorts kinds of sensors, for example. The fire control system make tanks.Night and day and moving with gun battle ability, high start shooter. The commander can be captured from your commander adamantite scope, along with the target take shots. The body has MBT 2000 protection ability is strong, short longitudinal size, shape and low weight, the optimal wars. Occasions and body front turret with clearance composite armor kit. This tank car first, before turret side, and top loading explosive reaction hanging armor. Prior to a battle hull sides, can be the rubber pedrail skirt outfit into explosive reaction plate armor equipment. MBT2000 installation 6TD is 2-12 to buy two stroke engine power planetary gears and bilateral DongLiCang system, small volume, light weight, simple, power/unit of volume to our planet's highest level. Using exhaust ejector way to power, transmission system to chill. Car can spin, minimum steering radius is low. Action system adopts hydraulic shock absorber torsion bar and chip hang device. With six of large diameter double rim weights hung and pin ears hang glue double pin crawler (can install metal rubber and two), can guarantee good the actual performance of car.Besides the also equipped with excellent performance of the system, automatic fire extinguishing system, along with the second explosion or heat smoke system, smoke and shrapnel launch and the auxiliary power 10 power.
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