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Method and pay attention to all aspects of shell Mosaic shop is stuck

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic brick method and pay attention to all aspects

brick shell Mosaic brick method and pay attention to the WWW. beikemasaike。 Com
1, the need to stick a face should be strong, clean the oil wax stains. For ever use the surface of paint should be done to promote cut, exposed to at least 80% of the original surface. 2, when the shop is stuck in order to avoid the scratch of shell Mosaic, shell Mosaic with dust sundry friction. 3, the shop is stuck with glue powder materials it is best to use ceramic tile or marble glue powder, glue powder color should be white, use other miscellaneous color material can affect the color of shell Mosaic.

4, construction pulp white glue daub metope first, reoccupy type 6 * 6 teeth scraping board group into uniform dentate, then mucilage allows air buy time to press the shell Mosaic knead in the can. When the shop is stuck, should pay attention to the vertical.
If found to have individual shell Mosaic with slanting piece, can make one by one in front of the mucilage solidification grain mobile correction. 5, when ceramic tile adhesive for about 24 hours after solidification, shell horse title caulking. Shell Mosaic of seam available color caulking glue to do their favorite fill the gap. Application in caulking rubber ash knife joint sealant completely pressed into the cracks, shall not be left blank. Caulking work is completed, immediately with a damp towel or sponge to Mosaic surface clean. 6, Mosaic must be cut, should use high quality diamond glass cutter for cutting on glass surface. 7, when the hole on the shell Mosaic, should use a special tool, drilling to add water to cool. 8, in order to maintain the luster of the shell Mosaic, cannot use abrasive cleansers, steel wire brush and clean sand paper, using household cleaning supplies to wash the Windows.
it is important to note that the collage mosaics generally have special materials and gap filling agent, need to Mosaic store to buy. In addition, the difficulty is not great Mosaic is generally not package, will first make good Mosaic Mosaic small units, such as the specifications of the 30 cm * 30 cm, at the back number, it can let decorate construction personnel for collage. The design of complex make best brand merchants to provide the shop is stuck.

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