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Mosaic make creative household life

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
With the enrichment of Mosaic texture, Mosaic has the pivotal status in decorating a design, the colour of profusion, the characteristic of waterproof, small area can DIY out many unique design. Laid Mosaic in the kitchen and the bathroom is no longer a fresh things, now Mosaic has begun to other space in the household life & other; Attack & throughout; 。

in order to fit the whole Mediterranean style, make the TV setting wall white handle, but all white again appear too drab, stylist inspiration, with Mosaic spell out a color chimney design, not only conforms to the decoration of the overall design style, but also can build a seaside madadayo smoke from kitchen chimneys image, make whole space is full of imagination and life interest.

compared with the decoration of the apartment, villa design more test designer for the understanding of the whole three-dimensional space, the bold use large Mosaic laying wall, chic and unique.

toilet didn't do any complicated arrangement, only in the Mosaic metope and ground, then make the ordinary toilet immediately has a unique personality and unique space to experience.
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