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by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-11
Mosaic tile tape is an essential material to help increase your space and reduce the burden on your work.How To Apply?Wash with a cloth first, then dry the tiles.Peel the tape with your hand, roll it up and apply it to the front of the tile.
Do not apply any glue on any of these.
To ensure sufficient adhesion, you must rub the tiles gently from the tape.Spray the adhesive directly on the top of the table or on the card board.Do the job using masking tape instead of adhesive.
The only problem with its use is that you have to get the maximum shielding tape.Once the adhesive or masking tape is in place, you need to take a piece of wood that is slightly larger in length and width than the original pattern.Skip the tiles in the corner and prepare a fixture pattern until the whole space is full.
Use the tape and place it neatly on the fixture.Then need to flip the fixture.Depending on your choice, these pieces can now be made with mosaic tiles or borders.Now, these parts must be placed together with the back of the tile adjacent to the adhesive tape.
Once the pattern is complete, you need to apply the tape on the top of the tile.This allows you to create basic patterns to make many designs of the same pattern.When you use the mold and then glue the tile separator, it will be easier to assemble the pattern and apply the tape.
You can also set up the workbench and install the tape dispenser mounted horizontally on the side.Compared to any other method, the advantage of using tile tape is its easy-to-use program, plus additional mixing facilities such as not using glue, the cleaning program is barely faced compared to Kraft.And waterproof
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