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mosaic tiles: tips from an expert on hot color combos, accent ideas, and more.

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-13
Bold colors and styles on budget: this is what RebeccaLonergan is aiming for when looking for mosaic tiles. Amidcentury-
Lonergan, a modern design enthusiast and former employee supervisor, has been browsing her remodeling project online.
\"But I can\'t find the tile with the right price, and I can\'t find the tile that shipped quickly,\" she said . \" She recalled the frustrating six-month delay in orders.
So when Lonnegan found the glass
The tile maker kaleidoscope is looking for a dealer and she calls the company-
Soon she started surfing the Internet.
Mosaic tile market in Los Gatos backyard, California.
Two years later, her home office was no longer what it was.
Friendly warehouse nearby
At present, Lonergan offers nearly 500 options, including glass, porcelain, stainless steel and even cork tiles of various colors, patterns and shapes. Her website (at right)
Let you make a digital change to the color spectrum before you find what you want.
Tiles start at $5.
Mixture 87 per square foot;
Most of them have stock ready to ship, and special orders are usually completed within one to two weeks. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Here are Lonergan\'s suggestions on how to incorporate a mosaic into your own home (
Please visit her website for more tips and tips).
\"One current trend is to use the glass bars in the subway tiles in the shower or sink tailgate,\" Lonerganhes said . \".
\"If you tile an external sidewalk or an internal floor on a tile or stone, you can also use a glass brick as a corner decoration.
I like to combine orange with blues or heat white or gray with green.
The Reds worked well with Burgess or Brown.
\"Imagine grouting as the finishing of a calm and cohesive look, matching the grout to the most popular color in the tile.
If you want to get more graphic look, frame each tile using a darker or brighter grout.
\"We recommend you buy one more tile and simulate a tile with mud to see what you like,\" Lonergan said . \".
Thinking outside the square hexagon, round and glass bricks provides new design opportunities for the entire wall to cover or as a decoration.
Tile market information (www.
Mosaic market. com or 831/439-9734)
Photos of Thomas J.
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