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new mosaic tiles make a splash

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-13
This week, I received two letters with the same solution.
The dilemma of both is to decide the tailgate of their new kitchen.
The first came from Diane, who said she had a Quaker style cabinet with ginger glazed finishes, Black Pearl countertops and bamboo floors.
The second one is from Kim and describes the lower black cabinets and white uppers, black and white marble counters.
Neither of them likes to introduce another color, they are all thinking about gray or gray and black.
You are all on the right track.
Take a look at the latest trends in mosaic tiles, which are a combination of small circles or oval shapes.
They\'re set at 12-
Inch square for easy installation.
The overall pattern is inconsistent, eyes-catching.
You will find many varieties.
These tiles are made of glass, stone, ceramic and metal with bright gemstone tones and soft earth tones, white, cream, gray and black.
The owners in the kitchen shown here want to make a statement with their new tailgate, the design is different from the regular decoration.
They chose a glass mosaic tile that transitioned from dark tones to almost translucent amber tones.
The tile mixture is called the Amber oval and is of the right weight to balance the smooth black cabinets and marble countertops.
This tile style will look amazing in your new kitchen, whether it\'s amber or any combination of gray, black and white.
Take home your favorite tile samples before you make a decision to get a better idea of the overall effect.
It\'s worth it to see what the lighting and other materials in your kitchen will do.
The glossy surfaces are reflective and their patterns and shades bounce back.
Look for new collections at the local tile shop or visit the glass shop.
You can order online.
Q: We bought our dream nursing home, but we don\'t know how to set up the living room.
The living room and dining room are a space with a fireplace in the middle of the long wall.
The TV is on the right and there is a large antique cottage on the left of the fireplace.
When we set up two recliner chairs, one double recliner, coffee table and light around the fireplace, you have to lift your neck to watch TV and the space looks unbalanced.
A: building a room with two or more conflicting purposes can be a challenge.
In your case, the TV interferes with a natural talk area that will be centered around the fireplace.
It would be my first choice if you could move the TV to another room.
If this is the only space available, then put the sofa slightly on the left side of the fireplace and turn over so that the back can go to the restaurant and set the two swivel chairs in front of the TV.
These can easily turn to the sofa when you are entertaining.
Move large antique cabinets to the back wall of the dining room, which will make room for the sofa and adjust the overall balance of the room.
Consider replacing your side table and lights-some modifications are needed for a new home.
The wall lamp saves space and the floor lamp is more easily placed in the ambient lighting and reading.
Please email us your question with house2home @ debbietravis. com.
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