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by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Values Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving parents, the company colleagues, upstream and downstream profession: become the industry experts teach, product innovation, marketing experts: thought innovation, technology innovation, product innovation and win-win: altruism, the whole industry chain and win-win concept of legal, positive, do not attack others low-key, practical, persistent, susquehanna sichuan dome, do well the basic principle of 1, 2, no time is the source of all the capital's biggest, only bigger ( The quality and quantity of key nodes) 3, can't do is due to have not thought of 4, at least one effective method (in all things Good condition is created) Take 6, 5, and all the wealth, everybody in the big system, each person has enough resources in July and there is no lack of capital, only the state of the lack of capital ( Poor posture is the lack of capital) 8, wealth itself is no good or bad, no character. Any wealth can realize the positive value, become a positive wealth. ( The owner of the positive wealth comes from positive) 9, wealth is always automatically to the capital intensive direction. 10, see is a treasure, can't see the story behind is a wealth of 11, only need legal method has enough 12, in a large system, the good faith is more important than life, 13 in the big system, make the addition of most has the largest capital 14, if you want knowledge, must act ( To be rich, must act) 15, the same method will only get the same results, 16, the starting point is the result of habit, 17, 18 can't riches and honour is to family irresponsible, not the one who is, won't have friends enemy, capital in exchange and flow of 19 20, create value for the future wealth expectations is one of the most important if you are interested in shell Mosaic, please click on our official website:, or contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call:, '' - you full thoughtful procurement consultant.
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