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by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic is after ceramic tile, wallpaper and metope adornment material, its rich diversity of design, material, adornment sex is strong, favored by consumers. When visiting household market recently discovered a personalized custom shell Mosaic, become the object of nowadays young people rush.

before most of the Mosaic design all kinds of patterns by manufacturer, and now the Mosaic of customization, by consumers to choose design, factory according to customer's need and production, the customized model accord with the requirement of today's young owners.

“ See your wedding photos are in the shell Mosaic on the sofa setting wall, the feeling is very special, a lot of friends to home will be praised. ” Residents said fei jia jia. Now, young people always like to use different ways to express oneself do STH unconventional or unorthodox, facing just have a new home, is at pains to put out their own style, and this kind of custom shell Mosaic is preferred.

it is understood that the consumer can choose the right pattern according to be fond of, again according to the size of the walls of a custom fit size, shell Mosaic suited to make TV setting wall of the sitting room, sofa setting wall, background wall, kitchen and bedroom, bedroom adornment effect more visual wallop, in general, more customizable Mosaic for small pottery or glass products, merchants are according to customers design for computer graphics layout to make Mosaic, higher product prices relative to ordinary finished product, more concentrated in 700 yuan/square meters to 1000 yuan/square meters. But in recent years appeared on the market of shell Mosaic, embarks from the shells of raw materials, carefully designed, successful interpretation of pure manual and health new concept of green environmental protection.

shell Mosaic popular market, and the characteristic of the product itself, is closely related to the social environment, etc. “ Mosaic originated in Greece, for thousands of years, but today, the Mosaic itself is not only a product, but also a culture. ” China ceramic industry association of professional committee of the Mosaic, the secretary-general Yang Ruihong tells a reporter, & other; Today's Mosaic pursuit of extreme luxury, paying attention to details, style, prominent personality, advocate environmental protection health, so more and more popular, favored by the market. ” Yang Ruihong thinks, Mosaic market will further expand, it is depend on the art of Mosaic value; Second, since the reform and opening, the domestic economy has been growing fast, soon, to improve the quality of people's living standards and have the funds have time to pay attention to life grade; Three is the pursuit of personality of 80 young people will become the subject of consumption and the characteristics of the Mosaic just can satisfy this requirement. He stressed that the market demand of the Mosaic is quite large, the Mosaic sales confined to provincial capital cities, such as secondary cities aren't involved.
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