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Pick up shells

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Since the childhood I have a yearning for the sea, I hope one day to like haizi poetry of 'I have a house, facing the sea spring', when people desire for money and fame and wealth to the world, I wouldn't want to face the sea spring flowers. Finally the summer vacation in high school, my father go to the seaside on a business trip, I begged to go together, he very happy agreed, I don't mention how happy heart. After several hours of a long journey, finally came to the seaside that I look forward to. Early, get off at the beach, is in the evening, we need good tomorrow morning to pick sea shells by the sea. The next day, the day light we haven't got up, I heard that go to the seaside see the sunrise especially pretty, we specially have a early. Especially spectacular sunrise slowly rises, can't help screamed. Gradually bright day, see more sand and pebble beach, which have much shells? Look at others for a while, not all know the shell on the surface. Learn the somebody else's idea, find a stone gouge on the beach. Finally, I found the first shells, turn to happy like a child off to play enough. These little son not unusual at the seaside, we met the head back to the sea of people's eyes they are so lovely and interesting. Haste did not bring a bag, full of casual wear in his hand into pocket, pocket filled with a handkerchief. I like the story of the monkey picked up sesame lost watermelon sample, see more beautiful, threw away hand pick up shells, therefore was dad jokes. Twinkling of an eye, has to noon, the rows of snow-white sea waves are coming, like cartons as we could in the farewell, and seemed to welcome the new people to pick up Mr. Bow their heads full of joy at the sea give me these lovely small gift, ear ringing laughter rang the local friends again. Suddenly, I felt in my heart. If not listen to her words came to the seaside this morning, will not get the harvest the joy, but reflect on past life, but I had already can 'late' as an excuse to miss a lot of opportunity to learn, and often for their 'late' and regret regret regret. Now, finally realized that, regardless of early and late, as long as you sincerely to pursue to strive, life's ocean won't let you down, but wait for blindly, fleeting time, summer passed, and I reluctantly left the beautiful seashore city, the last day, I went back to the sea, say goodbye to the beach once brought us joy. Goodbye! The beautiful beach. More wonderful, please click on our official website:, or contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call:, '' - you full thoughtful procurement consultant.
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