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by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
In busy life state, repast is the only time, family members meet need good environment to create a good repast atmosphere. An ideal dining-room setting wall should be to create a pleasant repast atmosphere, make each family member can enjoy pleasant dining time. Dining-room setting wall is referring to is located in the central of adornment picture. In fact, most people agree that now setting wall is located in the blank the adornment picture on the wall. From the Angle of the adornment picture, there are many kinds of forms, such as calligraphy, landscape painting, claborate-style painting, oil painting, even the shells made of shells on the art, shell setting wall, etc. Themed restaurant shell setting wall mainly include environmental protection topic, sentimental themes, theme of restoring ancient ways, simple theme. Background wall all choose natural shell material, green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation. Products green, healthy, natural features, creating a breathable shell background wall, let the family in the home can feel the goodness of nature. On the details of the background wall, on the other hand, pay attention to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, let the home people feel like sunshine warm feeling. Designer advocate contracted style restaurant shell background wall, avoid complications. So that we can make the space appears unobstructed, broad. Color is given priority to with light, color variety, less as far as possible the setting wall, build a pure and fresh and natural feeling collocation fastens with color of fewer but better furniture again, more can feel the host to the pursuit of detail, fashion tastes. If you are interested in above shell setting wall, please click on our official website: for more information or call:. We can according to your personal love to create art of the exclusive you background wall,, you only need to provide photos ( Landscape painting, personal photo album, wedding photography, etc. ) To us, '-' you close the way of purchasing consultant.
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