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Sea porcelain merchants Guo Chunsen: small shells to make culture industry

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Can an ordinary shells, how much value is there? Many people may just enjoying for a moment and put to one side, but careful Guo Chunsen will these shells are collected, processed ChengHaiYang shell porcelain, and then gives different cultural creative made exquisite articles for daily use and works of art, a year to create the output value of 400 million yuan. When introducing the porcelain products,
Guo Chunsen was extraordinarily proud: 'porcelain is China's traditional arts, we now also added new varieties for the traditional industries - — The porcelain. These shells or thrown away in the past, or is made of feed additives,
the economic benefit is very low. Now we from seafood farmers buy come over, to reuse them, through the porcelain products, processed into sea value-added suddenly increased. Each one has a good name with the porcelain bottle or plate made of handicraft neatly put on the shelves, under the illuminate of lamplight, downy light flowing on the surface of the crystal porcelain, porcelain elegantly landscape fish bird patterns on the surface of the lifelike. So far, Guo Chunsen has invited more than 400 artists and arts and crafts masters in 'as thin as paper, white jade, sound such as qing' or her on the sea of porcelain, its own artistic talent. More wonderful please attention WeChat jiangxi new shellfish technology co. , LTD. The company's official website http:// if you are interested in above products, welcome to call hotline at 4006902901 for consultation.
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