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senational mosaic tile backsplashes with handmade katami stone for kitchens and baths

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-12
Ceramic and stone mosaic tiles have been a popular choice for floors and walls for more than a century.
Small square mosaic tiles have been used in the kitchen tailgate and bathroom floors of brownstone apartments and Los Angeles beach homes in New York City.
Interior designers take this popular form and ask for an updated look and application.
Industry leaders responded to this demand and now offer many new looks and styles.
One of the most popular is the Katami stone mosaic.
This new approach to mosaic tiles is creating exciting new looks for families with some of today\'s trending backgrounds.
Unlike other tiles, Katami mosaic has a compelling modern feel.
This technique is used in conjunction with natural stones including marble, lime and limestone.
First select the quality stone and then cut it into thin stems by hand.
These flakes are cut into random lengths again and sorted by color and shadow.
Skilled craftsmen then carefully fix the stone \"fence\" by hand on a transparent adhesive material.
Once the stone is cut, sorted and arranged on a transparent sheet, the installation is simple and looks stylish and modern.
Katami mosaics are especially suitable for vertical surfaces and spaces that require the seamless integration of energy and motion into the d-mosaic©Cole.
The walls of this contemporary mosaic stone brick can combine the area and upgrade the traditional style and treatment.
Due to the use of natural materials by katami technology, there is an ecology
No matter what color palette you choose, create a friendly feeling.
As effective as herbs and spices;
It adds extra flavor to classic and modern interior design.
The Katami tiles are polished or rolled to the surface and look a little weathered and antique.
This new mosaic variant has an international style and you may find it in the attic of New York, highlighting the inner wall, or as a mosaic tile in a modern kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances
Designers are experimenting with the way this new material is accessed, with the fireplace above and the stressed wall.
Active patterns and fresh styling make katami mosaic a favorite of many interior designers and contractors.
You can find it in a variety of color, material and pattern variations.
And an idea.
Although some of the tiles produced on a large scale have been tried, they are not close to what is real.
Try to avoid cheap imitation products;
Look for authentic katami stone mosaic handmade from natural stone.
Handmade artwork makes this authentic Mosaic special.
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