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Shell Mosaic advantage in where

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic advantage where
shell Mosaic is a kind of pure natural product, it is the result of natural shells, the combination of nature and technology, highlight its value, it is waterproof, environmental protection, beautiful shells in the natural, beautiful in no harm to human body, tasteless non-toxic meets the requirements of modern environmental protection. It is the bane of formaldehyde, shell is a kind of chitin, can put into harmless substances harmful to human body formaldehyde, decorate eliminates the hidden danger for people, it is no radiation, no pollution. Shell Mosaic in jewelry fashion, environmental protection and high-end, let the wind of your house show luxurious air! ! ! What are you waiting for, echocardiography action!
the advantage of shell Mosaic, shell Mosaic is very popular in recent years a new environmental protection building decoration materials. It USES the pure natural freshwater shellfish, seashells, after first to enter the machine polishing, piecing up by artificial carefully again. Compared with those of other decorative building materials tomorrow shell Mosaic has many natural advantages: 1, no radiation, no pollution shell Mosaic from the depths of the sea, she comes from nature. No radiation and pollution, decorate after there will be no peculiar smell, keep consumers away from formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients, in line with the contemporary people's life in the 'healthy living, healthy consumption concept. 2, bibulous rate is low, high density, good moisture resistance shell Mosaic the bibulous rate is 0%, so to have good humidity-proof property. Due to no water seepage, and hard, shell Mosaic won't appear the phenomenon such as deformation, to ensure the quality of the high stability. 3, colour and lustre beautiful natural enduring quality seashells surface with natural texture and luster, do not fade, do not change color, excellent color products stand the test of time, and through the natural light, such as light, shell surface color more gorgeous. Different angles have different visual light feeling, all the small pieces of shell together hand in photograph reflect, all show the mystery of ocean. And has unparalleled adornment effect. 4, specification is small, light weight shell Mosaic is made up of small single, small specification, material. And stone Mosaic, ceramic Mosaic, glass Mosaic, it is easier to shop is stuck to decorate, high security of construction. 5, widely used shellfish products whether it is set in the wall, or arrangement in the floor; Whether used in handicrafts manufacturing or ornament in furniture, is to show the elegant personality and temperament, coruscate gives the noble style. It can be widely used in large buildings interior wall, ground, swimming pool, garden landscape, bathroom, lobby background, they can be used for wall decoration, pillar decoration, light box decorated, modelling column, signs, wei yu is decorated, the anchor line, furniture decoration, etc.
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