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Shell Mosaic background wall illuminative effect as a whole

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Shell Mosaic effect of illuminative of wall of setting of the overall
shell Mosaic background wall, with its novel design, advanced technology, not only meet the needs of the consumers decoration, more embodies the artistic breath, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, absorbing function, can be applied to the family living room TV setting wall, sofa setting wall, porch, the bedroom wall, such as home decoration, worthy of choice.
personal feel effect is good, is at the bottom of the luxury, without losing luster. Shell Mosaic resin Mosaic accessories is a new type of green space. It's hard, don't fall off, not deformation, no water seepage, durable. Moistureproof performance is good, construction is convenient, the walls have heat preservation and heat insulation effects. Shell Mosaic will become a popular trend.

a, shell Mosaic background wall should match how
1, must first clear their own sitting room decorate a style, glass Mosaic as TV setting wall adornment, can play as a luxurious style of the atmosphere. Glass reflect light, to a certain extent, can stretch interior space. Can choose silver or blue marcelo match, such as sitting room space is large direct effects that spread the whole TV wall is also very good-looking, both modern style and continental or Mediterranean, Mosaic can harness. Extremely gorgeous shell Mosaic especially in the light.
2, the metope of the bathroom if one side is irregular, so the corner for Mosaic features small, much easier to handle, bathroom space is big, can choose ceramic tile of small stones or Mosaic, main color is given priority to with bright color, bright atmosphere, Mosaic wall paper background wall collocation can choose simple atmospheric khaki, white Mosaic. According to individual be fond of can also choose to have a shadow. Stone Mosaic with the mirror of the bathroom is simple quietly elegant together.
2, what are the characteristics of shell Mosaic background wall
with environmental protection, such as setting wall shell Mosaic, marble Mosaic background wall, jade Mosaic background wall, etc are all made using pure natural raw materials, without any harmful substances in the machining process. In today's era of the pursuit of environmental protection, the pursuit of natural, most of these natural materials Mosaic meet the environmental protection concept.
2, ornamental use
Mosaic puzzles to strengthen its adornment sex, in the form of Mosaic material is very rich and color changes, it from traditional small stone grain gradually evolved into with shells, ceramics, metal, glass and other materials as raw materials. Mosaic can deduce the material itself temperament, emotional appeal of incisively and vividly, in decoration and interior space, can it do other adornment ornament materials, can also be widespread use production shell Mosaic background wall; Can use Mosaic tile color gradients, also can use all kinds of geometry. Mosaic tiles with its abundant design give a person with shock, aesthetic feeling, for household space gives the brand new feeling.

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