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Shell Mosaic background wall leading home installs trend brings another color at the bottom of the life

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Setting wall shell Mosaic lead home installs trend brings another colour the sea
TianRanXing purely decorative shell Mosaic setting wall is home installs trend over the years, it can let a bedroom window, instantly attracted people's attention. As long as reasonable collocation of creative, everywhere is setting wall in the home.
several important aspects should pay attention to the processing of metope. First is not mixed and disorderly, setting wall is vision focus of people's after taking the door, like a person's face, just won't be comfortable make-up, The second is the use of shell Mosaic, shell background wall to highlight the key; In the end is to reasonable color. From the psychological effect of color analysis, the effect of color can make the room look bigger or reduced, to everyone with protruding and concave image, can make the room becomes active, also can make the room feel quiet
if you want to improve the shape of the room, the two sides wall can be painted 'concave' colour, if you want to from the lower level on the feeling, narrow space, the ceiling can be processed into dark or the color of the 'bulge', etc.
for household decoration, background wall shell Mosaic decoration is very important. The setting wall of a creative fashion can be lifted for household decoration. What do you want to build home decoration? You want to have the setting wall of one side what kind of style? Bei jing small make up several shells for you elaborate design background wall adornment effect, let household adornment decorates highlights another color!
a variety of color shells are joining together, make its very have administrative levels feeling and art feeling, luxury villa space in a coastal area and quality building in an instant. Shell setting wall is shell Mosaic with the combination of art, and personalized customization is to meet the owner wanted to from sofa setting wall is expressed on the design of the pursuit of life taste.
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