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Shell Mosaic collocation needs attention

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic color is rich, water proofing property is good, there are a variety of combination, can give different characteristic style is brought between wei yu, now has become the first selection of many people decorate between wei yu.

consumer before choosing ceramic tile, must first grasp the whole style of household. Must first clear, toilet should give a person easily, so calm, release the feeling, so space shell Mosaic colour shoulds not be too strong, jump, otherwise it will bring a mood swings and depression. Therefore suggest laying shell Mosaic tile in the bathroom should choose calm and peaceful color matching, color also should advocate have second, avoid large chunks of the strong contrast color arrangement.

second, exquisite style characteristic of consumers can also try to mix shell Mosaic for multicolor collage. Can spell out their favorite shells on wall background wall design.

and it is worth noting that the size is between wei yu, appear or not determines the choice of shell Mosaic color. Usually the toilet with larger area suits to choose majestic shell Mosaic puzzles. If flow organ type depth stripes shell Mosaic is very suitable for space clear the toilet. While the smaller the space that defend bath as far as possible choose light color, so that we can avoid the toilet is too crowded. At the same time, the choice of the small decorative pattern can also add some sensitivity to small toilet, make up for the weakness of small toilet is relatively insufficient daylighting and ventilated.

besides the choice of design and color and style of shell Mosaic collage, also cannot ignore shell Mosaic, sanitary ware and accessories of the harmonious collocation with the ground. In general, dark shell Mosaic bathroom space should match the relaxed, lively color of sanitary ware. Such as sanitary products can match the white, the colour of accessories can skip some relatively, this can increase the indoor atmosphere lively, clever.

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