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Shell Mosaic construction method and maintenance

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
A Mosaic of construction methods:

construction with easy daub or viscose ( Recommend the use of smaller particles) Directly apply to the wall with a knife, and then press shell Mosaic in the palm of your hand into ( Pay attention to the stress as the average) Until the gap infiltrated. After waiting for 30 minutes ( Fine particles of adhesive) twenty minutes Cement upper completely dry before with dry cloth wipe away the dust on the surface of sludge that is complete.

contact plate construction method:

are commonly used to have back ( Such as non-woven fabric, wood, stone, ceramic tile, calcium silicate board, gree, metal) Contact plate. With just the right amount of AB glue or adhesive, adhesive solution smear evenly on the plaque on the substrate and posted on metope, placed about 5 - Eight minutes, and then stick to pressure slightly. If there is excess glue issue from the seam, please clear the glue with a clean soft wet cloth and wipe clean.

maintenance and cleaning:

1. Please use the professional polishing wax, regular maintenance;
2. Please use neutral cleaner clean a stain on the surface.
3. Please use only flannelette, can reduce surface scratches.
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