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Shell Mosaic culture natural environmental protection products

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic of natural environmental protection product culture
shell Mosaic decorative interior decoration material is very popular in recent years. Using pure natural shell material: abalone shell, black butterfly bei, huang2 die2 shell, white butterfly, decorative shell, pink shell, gold lip shellfish, freshwater shellfish, etc. Pass by exquisite technical processing and become, and combined by hand using the most advanced machinery to create perfect effect; Shells of natural texture is unmatched by other decorative materials, each a small piece of texture and each are not identical, together with a bright feeling, cheng brightness is the superior material of the modern home, office decoration; It comes from the nature, embodies the nature, it is the sign of noble taste. Freshwater shell Mosaic: freshwater shellfish is the most widely used in all women costumes of freshwater pearl products, like its name, is living in lakes and rivers of the shells, can emit very quietly elegant luster, natural and soft white, widely used in suits, and women's clothing, arts and crafts is particularly suited to make by hand. White butterfly shell Mosaic: white butterfly shell is used for shell button in the top of a material, the simple sense of smooth and has a deep gloss showing what other varieties does not have valuable, and because of that, along with gems, has long been rolex and other senior the dial of the clock and other senior decoration, because now production is rare, especially expensive, only used for the top like the classical Italian style shirt a handful of high-end products, such as to display their very elegant texture. Black butterfly bei Mosaic: black butterfly bei is a kind of can emit dark silver flowery glorious shells, as the beloved is famous for its large nanyang black pearl shell, widely USES the advanced crafts and ornaments, shell pearl layer flashing beautiful beautiful deep silver, use advanced raw materials and the most suitable for ms shirt jacket and double-breasted sweater, to highlight the characteristics of its colour and lustre is bright beautiful wonderful artical excelling nature. Top shell be: top shell bay since the ancient times will be used to make a volume that white fastens, even now adopted by the garment industry most buttons are processed by the top shell, red gloss, durability and economical price. All been adopted by most of the manufacturers, it is love of top shell bay. Abalone shell Mosaic: senior Marine treasures paua shell as a button material has existed since ancient times, the abalone shell shape, unique twists and turns that luster can be reflected in many directions, no matter from which direction is a beautiful button, natural reflects the sweet sweet sweet debauchery, from gray to blue gloss foil a cool feeling, fully reflects the feeling of a kind of natural material. Banana bei bei: the is a kind of freshwater shellfish, named because it looks like a banana, made of buttons, its gloss refined nature, with some colour light, are the natural texture, easy dyeing, often used for shirt button. Penguins is the Mosaic: Betty is growth in tropical and subtropical regions of pearl shell, its biggest characteristic is reflecting the penguin bei exquisite texture soft red sheen. Because of its soft bright natural texture, the most suitable for the leisure clothing and all kinds of women's garment accessories. Especially with white series of clothing will look more beautiful and lovely.
shell Mosaic have no radiation, no pollution, do not fade, do not change color, waterproof and fireproof characteristic, conforms to the contemporary adornment of green environmental protection requirements, and processed by the exquisite technology, and combined by hand using the most advanced machinery to create perfect effect; More can show the artistic charm, and the structure of the Mosaic of luxurious air, become the most avant-garde art deco.

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