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Shell Mosaic decoration mainly using the shell Mosaic, shell setting wall, shells, ceramic and so on

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Shell Mosaic decoration of the main use of shell Mosaic, shell setting wall, shells like
ceramic shell Mosaic is a natural pearl shells as raw materials, natural tonal give priority to tone and texture, with shells fusion modern humanistic design concept, adopt jewelry processing, refined but become fashionable, environmental protection of high-grade decoration materials. Her elegant, natural color, soft, not only with the brilliance of pearl, is still in house decoration reflected the mystery of ocean, whether it is set in the wall, or on the floor, the arrangement is to show the elegant personality and temperament, coruscate gives the noble style. She derived from nature, can make our lives more into the natural elements, let advocate natural you can ripples in the home in the bosom of nature, relax and enjoy the nature with pleasure.
shell Mosaic metope is decorated with it, how wealthy Rome to appear at the time, make the Roman building luxury is the incredible degree. Mosaic is derived from the golden age of the early christians came to Rome, they were persecuted, only the channel such as the party in the basement. Because most people are illiterate, and on the wall of the basement.

use the adornment of metope and ground is mainly used for shell Mosaic. Due to Mosaic the single unit area is small, color variety, with endless combinations, it can be the shape of the designer and the design inspiration performance incisively and vividly, and show its unique artistic charm and personality. Is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, station, swimming pool,
setting wall, specializing in the production of art hotel background wall, shell character art background wall, TV setting wall of villa.

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