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Shell Mosaic decoration materials are widely used and dominant

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic decoration materials are widely used and dominant
shell Mosaic with its natural, healthy, environmental protection, widely used in the field of decoration according to the characteristics of the other with its non-slip performance good, also is widely used in domestic toilet, bath, balcony, sitting room, etc. The ground is decorated.
shell Mosaic is widely used in hotels, villas, clubs, and home decoration company, for example, metope and smallpox condole top, column, post, setting wall, furniture, etc.

the metope after shell Mosaic decoration more dazzling, whole metope energetic, fully showing personality and connotation of high elegance, make whole room is full of natural breath, enrich your life.
shell material itself has particularity, personalized, use it to create shell setting wall is fashionable and high-grade decorative materials of environmental protection, popular with a lot of successful people. Its elegant, colour and lustre is natural, not only follow the bright pearl, is also sending out mysterious breath, ocean to make our life into a more natural elements. Let like nature at home you can enjoy the charm of nature ocean, like swimming in the vast sea, enjoy pleasure nature.
shell Mosaic slowly into people's horizons, over the years gradually gain a foothold in the field of decoration market. Analysis its reason mainly with no pollution, no radiation, natural, health, environmental protection and other important factors in the market demand.
1。 No radiation, no pollution,
shell Mosaic products adopt natural shells as raw materials, no radiation, no pollution, after the shop is stuck indoors and no special odor. And shells can adsorb formaldehyde, are you a natural and pure and fresh. Cater to the contemporary 'healthy living, healthy consumption concept of' life '.
2。 Bibulous rate is low, good moisture resistance
shell Mosaic has the good moistureproof property, due to no water seepage, and hard, won't appear deformation shell Mosaic image.
4。 Specification is small, light weight
shell Mosaic is made of a large number of small pieces of shell collage, so the specification is small, light weight, and the traditional decoration materials, such as stone Mosaic, glass Mosaic and ceramic Mosaic, shell Mosaic easier to shop is stuck, decoration, construction safer.
6。 Widely used
shell Mosaic inlaid on the wall, or the shop is stuck in the floor, or is making shells handicraft, or an ornament on the furniture. Shell Mosaic is acme show elegant temperament personality connotation, coruscate gives high temperament. It can also be widely used in large construction interior wall, ground, swimming pool, indoor environment, such as toilet generally used primarily as a family decorate metope, villa hotel lobby, leisure place setting wall decoration, etc.

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