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Shell Mosaic description and shell Mosaic colour collocation technique

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Shell Mosaic description and shell Mosaic colour collocation skill
in the life, we often pay attention to color collocation, when buying clothes, we also pay attention to the colour collocation of the clothes, the collocation of shell Mosaic is like buying clothes, also pay attention to colorific collocation. 。 Colour collocation errors, give a person passed dare, good colour collocation gives a person to find a person the sense of grace.

shells since ancient times is the mother of pearl, pearl luster unparalleled are other substances, but shell gloss and pearl, shell still have unique brilliance, pearl shells, but also has his unique texture, shells and the leaves, not a piece of shell is the same, every piece of shell has its unique texture, and its reflection luster is based on his book yes grain, so shell Mosaic and other types of glass Mosaic is not the same, he said the refraction of light is at sixes and sevens, color more other material Mosaic not colorful.
the hostess has a special nature yearning, hope life is full of sunshine, rain, dirt, and lithe and graceful green plant, NiaoTi locust. So she pick with minimalist lines, fresh natural color harmonic raw shells to decorate their home. In the living room filled with shell texture, colour is composed of the floor from the ground has been extended to the TV setting wall, allocate drab linen cloth art sofa and carpet, is a kind of slam the door buckish, return to nature, natural flavor; Grass green metope introduction of spring in the air, deployment of white rice with cream-colored curtain, reduced the heaviness, let whole home immersed in welcome fresh air.
description: 1. Raw material: natural shell, a variety of. 2. Size: meet your special requirement; 3. Shell color: natural color; 4. Usage: wall brick, the ceiling, bathroom, a swimming pool. 。 。 。 。 。 : 5. Behind MOQ square meters; 6. : choosing the material of Blacking, such as fire prevention board, wood, plywood, aluminum honeycomb panel, magnesium oxide board; Features: 1) The first OEM shell Mosaic factory, we only have all kinds of shell Mosaic products; 2) Rapid sampling and large product 15 days delivery time depends on the quantity, 3) 。 Stronge ability: we have two factories, which can meet your any demand; 4) OEM, small, custom, testing is hengdian small orders. ! Payment: T/T and western union; Packing: 1) Wooden carton packaging, if big order, delivery time: within a week of small orders, need to others; Note: the customer respect, understand your idea is very good, please tell us the following information: 1 square meters of order quantity? Sample or others. 2. The size of the shell tile and usage; Please give us your idea completely, and then we will give good advice to give you save your cost and time.

general clothing color suggest that had better not exceed 3 color collocation, indoor decorate collocation is also the same advice.
when different colour collocation are together, the hue chroma brightness changes the effect of color changes. Two or more light color match together won't produce contrast effect: a variety of deep color together same effect is not attractive. However, when a bright color, and a deep color, when mixed together, can make the show more shallow light color, dark deeper. So it is with the brightness. Pay attention to the different material but the color of the same material when matching together.
tonal collocation, the general recommendation the same tonal collocation, such tonal collocation, contrast color is tie-in.
colour is the door seems to be short, and it's actually esoteric knowledge. Drawing people may encounter this kind of condition: first is very comfortable, the picture in the good aspects, on the way when the effect is very good, feel the birth of a a good painting, but usually after finish painting, did not reach the ideal effect, sometimes even some desperate.
with the development of the society, the city life rhythm faster and faster, people are longing for a free life household environment, no part of the stable home decorate, but the whole space made by the natural charm of it is because of the shell elements blend flawless, created a 'xanadu' release the natural breath. Natural element of modest tone colour into space, decoration and convey the hostess to love family and life.
perhaps due to derive the nature of reiki, double entry house of this two hundred much square metre, in has not been at the beginning of the retouching, the whole body is already send out a natural and pure and fresh and beautiful. Unique vision, make each room and even the land public space can see the river. Enjoy panoramic images, and attached to the 'thorn' near the pearl river, in the quiet, the riches and honour, coupled with pure fresh air, natural oxygen bar of the life that occupy the home, while also is an ordinary day, but not everyone can enjoy the natural surrender.

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