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Shell Mosaic fashion household tide makes costly household environment

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic fashion household tide
the household environment makes costly shell Mosaic color rich, water proofing property is good, there are a variety of combination way, bring between wei yu is not the same personality characteristics, has become the first selection of many people decorate between wei yu. Bei jing respectively from shell Mosaic construction tips, the shop is stuck sequence, maintenance and maintenance to all aspects of the introduction of shell Mosaic for us.
it's fashionable beauty let a lot of young people to heart. Today, bathroom, kitchen, window and furniture can be seen on the Mosaic and beautiful figure. On deck space together, good waterproof performance became a household decorates 'darling'.
now shell Mosaic style and material is rich, generally speaking, there are crystal, shell, such as ceramics, metal, or is in the shape of strip, granular, multilateral it can be used as a part of decorate decorate, also can undertake large area of the shop is stuck. Different characteristics of the Mosaic can be flexible to different space allocate, decorate effect arises spontaneously emerge in endlessly, completed a find the scenery pleasing to both the role on the vision, together to create a lively atmosphere. Shell Mosaic gradually lead the fashion trend in household.

shell Mosaic has been a household decorates a 'non-mainstream'. As a kind of wall material, Mosaic competition but traditional wall paint, wallpaper, etc. However, if you are looking for unique, unique style of individuality, or perhaps aspire to gaudy art like that smell, I couldn't miss this kind of new special material shell Mosaic. Among them, the Mosaic are more prevalent in recent years is a representative. The Mosaic as 'pixel', like computer with pixel collage, becomes a picture, using natural shell Mosaic shell as raw material, combined with shell natural color and texture, create the perfect shell Mosaic art, after a different colour and the stripes to richly decorated, this new method and it is not difficult to finish decorating is like.
through the introduction of advanced processing equipment, coupled with profound skills, and is produced with selected natural shell craft combined with raw materials create a new style of shell Mosaic; Shells of natural texture is unmatched by other decorate material, each a small piece of texture and each are not identical, together with a bright feeling, cheng brightness is contemporary and fashionable household, the superior material of the work to decorate; It is the result of natural, natural performance. Shell Mosaic into the natural elements, create a beautiful and peaceful scene, but also embodies the noble and unique performance.

shells 'focus' in the design of TV setting wall as a decoration, the owners poured a lot of effort in this space, in an effort to create a more personalized, more taste household space. TV setting wall, after all, just a 'background', must not presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, robbed the TV, TV ark and sound character. The design of TV setting wall, therefore, should according to the integral style of the sitting room, choose the appropriate design, can highlight style, taste and connotation, and can't let its visual impact is too strong.
design TV setting wall, under the first measured the area of the sitting room, in general, people's eyes from the distance for the best TV size 3. Five times, so you can't make TV setting wall design is too thick, so as not to reduce the scope of the use of the sitting room. Secondly, take into account the size of the TV set, and the position of the sofa away from the television, and then make a decision after the confirmation of the design of TV setting wall size and shape.
shell Mosaic make TV setting wall, fashionable and endowed with soul, can be designed according to his be fond of their own design, or a low-key luxury european-style graffiti, endowed with poetic Chinese style design, or a clear delightful rural landscapes, in short shells TV setting wall peremptory became your sketchpad, you can show your ideas, interests, fashion taste, this new type of decoration, shell material is nowadays a lot of young people's favorite.

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