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Shell Mosaic in the application of interior design

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic used in interior design are
a family to decorate now has become a fashion. The family is decorated in can use ceramic tile, ceramic tile species also more people dazzling. But recently there is a kind of ceramic tile with a lot of people, that is shell Mosaic. Everyone has seen the ancient drama, the inside of the ground is done with some shells joining together into a lot of design. The ground is safe, beautiful. But the ancient use of color is a single, color is not bright, it can satisfy the demand of the ancients, but cannot meet the needs of modern people. Now many shell Mosaic color, color is very bright, but he is important to note that the shop is stuck or damage.
shell Mosaic with its natural, healthy, environmental protection, widely used in the field of decoration according to the characteristics of the other with its good skid resistance, has been widely used in domestic toilet, bath, balcony, sitting room, etc. The ground is decorated.
shell Mosaic is widely used in hotels, villas, clubs, and home decoration company, for example, metope and smallpox condole top, column, post, setting wall, furniture, etc.
shell - — Precious resources of human nature, can eat, but also as arts and crafts, such as shell necklace, shell windbell, shell frame, etc. , even also gradually emerging in the field of decoration.

conch shell is hard, colour is very appreciating, excellent exquisite decorative pattern, and that a variety of shapes and unique pearl luster displays the guifushengong the gift of nature. Shell this particularity puts glorious greatly in the field of decoration, the beauty of the special form of shell materials and materials combined with advanced technology and designers the creative thinking, to produce a variety of shells, fine art, background wall shell.
with the progress of science and technology constantly, the continuous development of economy, culture, thinking innovation, shell materials applied in the field of decoration, more and more integrated into the modern technique and art concept, gradually has received the general consumer's affection.
first of all, the spread of shell Mosaic must do not use some sharp tools, it will scratch products. Products, also don't sand, and it also can appear scratches and sand friction, joining together the pattern is not so beautiful.
second, joining together the shell Mosaic not careless with some glue, it is best to stick it with special material, otherwise it is easy to stick the color of the shell.
again, shell Mosaic, it is best not to touch it, a day later, prepared to buy, fill in the blanks. Because after adhesive is dry, there will be some space, not beautiful just the way they are. Fill in the gaps of time can choose the adhesive and shells is tie-in, such ability can match. Fill in the gaps when there will be a residue under some glue, some can use wet cloth to put on the skin clean, do not use tools to scrape off, so it is easy to scratch ceramic tile.
shell Mosaic tiles, although very hard, but it's also very easy to scratch, so be sure to pay attention to the things above. Don't cry because it is a few small things, lead to decorate their own problems.

the metope after shell Mosaic decoration more dazzling, whole metope energetic, fully showing personality and connotation of high elegance, make whole room is full of natural breath, enrich your life.
shell material itself has particularity, personalized, use it to create shell setting wall is fashionable and high-grade decorative materials of environmental protection, popular with a lot of successful people. Its elegant, colour and lustre is natural, not only follow the bright pearl, is also sending out mysterious breath, ocean to make our life into a more natural elements. Let like nature at home you can enjoy the charm of nature ocean, like swimming in the vast sea, enjoy pleasure nature.

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