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Shell Mosaic is elegant, fashion, environmental protection, low energy consumption diversified shell Mosaic market potential is tremendous

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Conch shell Mosaic Mosaic texture conch shell Mosaic Mosaic manufacturer which is the best?
shell Mosaic is elegant, fashionable, environmental protection, low energy consumption diversified shell Mosaic market potential is tremendous
Mosaic small energy consumption, high added value, the same area of less than 40% of ceramic tile material of the Mosaic 50%, in line with the national policy guidance of energy saving and consumption reducing, and some good Mosaic, already sold for 10000 yuan/square meters.
first of all, on the base of performance art, Mosaic technique of expression is very rich, it can be either Goethe type restoring ancient ways, carved fine pecked art, also can be lively, vivid feeling, also can reflect the very cold, cool, more warmth, romantic. And polishing brick, and archaize brick has its limitations, in warm, lively, as well as the Mosaic diversity.
beautiful freshwater shell Mosaic thick makeup, especially white shell Mosaic, I prefer in particular, has the connotation of natural purity. With huang2 die2 bay and the setting wall of black butterfly shell is made and be become, the metope of shell Mosaic used to decorate the hotel is the most appropriate, shell Mosaic is synonymous with elegance, fashion, environmental protection '.

in addition, in recent years, countries in advocate energy saving, clean production, but statistics show that now consumes about 40 million tons a year of raw materials. Consumes 120000 tons a day on average. Day will consume 5000 tons of raw materials, not raw materials such as coal, oil, polished module, a Mosaic, but if do same is 1 square meters of brick production, generally the cost of raw materials to reduce 40% 50%, such as shell Mosaic, a year can reduce consumption of 20 million tons of raw materials.

why shell Mosaic price is higher than other fairly grade material Mosaic price? Shells of cultivating long time period, usually for three years; In addition, the process of manual work is various also is an important factor. Shell Mosaic have net, close together, different specifications, the price also are differentiated accordingly.

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