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Shell Mosaic luxuriant bring another temperament and elegant life

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic luxuriant bring another temperament and elegant life
is one side wall of a kind of life, no matter you are lonely, still love each other in the white-collar, or lovely romantic young girl, always have a belong to his own TV wall. Shells make TV setting wall shell Mosaic natural and pure and fresh, radiant. With it, environmental release natural breath everywhere in the home, the mood also natural better.
the collocation of color is one of the very important link in the design of shell Mosaic, it decides the whole shell Mosaic and indoor household style. When is defined as a style, use of unique design ideas, coupled with the special grain of shells and colour, modelling has merged into the whole space organically.
general indoor household environment with halcyon, delicate, soft, contracted for fundamental key, in conjunction with the other forms of must take us into a beautiful, warm and quiet home.

shell Mosaic is always yearning nature, advocating simple decoration first choice.
1。 Contracted fashion: the modelling of shell Mosaic no fancy, no gorgeous color, it is natural to people present, contracted, the beauty of a low profile. He might not catch people's attention, but you would never tell it to produce aesthetic fatigue, this kind of quiet, was flowing in the heart the feeling of the fast rhythm society need.

2。 Natural material: natural shell in nature. From the shell to the Mosaic, pure hand-made, don't add the harmful material, return you a safe living environment.

3。 Pure manual craft: every particles of shell Mosaic, after 500 hand crafted, 50 more than pure manual craft. The production difficulty comparable gems. It is so elaborate that can let our shell Mosaic is different from other.

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