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Shell Mosaic manufacturer introduces construction guidance and construction methods

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic construction guide shell Mosaic manufacturer introduces construction guidance. Shell Mosaic, shell decorating plate, shell Mosaic production factory and construction method.

shell Mosaic construction guidance:
1, shell Mosaic paste material: special shell Mosaic floor glue, white cement, label were required to be stable in 325 #. Regardless of the colored pavement glue and the color of white cement are requirements are basically identical. Recommend the use of nickelodeon, highly respected, the shop is stuck rubber for Ma Bei brand Mosaic. 2, need to shop for surface should be firm, dry, clean, no oil and wax stains, for ever use paint surface should be as rough cut, exposed to at least 80% of the surface. 3, when the shop is stuck in order to avoid the scratch of shell Mosaic, cannot pile up the shell Mosaic face down. Construction to white sticky slurry wall, reoccupy article 6 x6 tooth to blow into a uniform dentate, then in the mucilage allows air buy time will shell Mosaic press on. When the shop is stuck, should pay attention to the vertical, such as found the slanting, individual shell Mosaic can make one by one in front of the mucilage solidification grain mobile correction. 4, after solidification shell Mosaic ( About 24 hours, the specific time need according to the selected paving materials for your reference) That shell Mosaic caulking. Application in caulking rubber scraper pressed caulking agent completely into the slot, shall not be left blank, caulking work was done, in with a damp cloth or sponge to clean surface of shell Mosaic. 5, shell Mosaic must be cut to use high quality diamond glass cutter for cutting on the surface ( The best professional construction personnel cut) To hole on the shell Mosaic, should use a special tool.
shell Mosaic construction matters needing attention:
1, material: caulking agent is best not to replace with white cement, because white cement after a period of time is easy to turn yellow, dry. Please use the white label 325 # cement or shell Mosaic special floor glue. 2, determine the construction with smooth surface and clean, and after on line, then cement or adhesive on average over the construction. 3, in order to shell Mosaic paste, should leave appropriate gap between each. Each stick out a piece of the wood will flatten shell Mosaic, determine each compaction and between the adhesive and good combination. 5, caulking: use a tool to caulking agent or the original base glue, white cement and other fully fill the gap. 6, cleaning: use wet sponge will be attached to the shell of the excess caulking agent on the Mosaic clean, again with dry cloth to wipe, construction procedure is completed.
spread stick on the board of shell Mosaic methods: 1, clear the all kinds of stains on the board, board dry, clean and smooth. 2, evenly coated with white latex on board, to wait for 7 to 15 minutes, Or according to the temperature) , such as white latex in the dry state, affix a web side, with professional offset pat solid ( Advice available small pins, nails to its reinforcement, after waiting for paint dry pour) 3, after the shop is stuck with a twist dry wet cloth gently wipe away the dust and impurities, white latex in the water off grain, please pay attention to waterproof.
the historical origin of shell Mosaic:
the durability of shell Mosaic data information, the development of shell Mosaic has been thousands of years. Unlike ordinary painting easy peeling off due to environment between the, the color, so after so long time, predecessors can also enjoy a good work. Shell Mosaic is also called the 'broken kam painting' marquetry 'on the general shell Mosaic directly said. By all sorts of color is the literal meaning of Mosaic pattern composed of small stones. When painting content is more simple and decorative pattern, shell Mosaic originating in mae sot not answer mia area. Or living surroundings, color is more monotonous, but with the development of Byzantine art, making more exquisite, color is more bright colourful murals, became the important features of Byzantine art, also because of the Christian contributed to make the horse on the wall of the development of the psyche, because the Greek marble inlaid Mosaic with small pebbles and Rome, the Mosaic mural on the wall is one of the biggest shell Mosaic art transformation and progress.

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