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Shell Mosaic of historical origin

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Shell Mosaic origin history
shell Mosaic become adornment material, the first was found to be used in building decoration shell Mosaic is Sue beauty of the temple wall, in the two river basin across Europe of the mesopotamian plain temple wall there is the adornment design of shell Mosaic Mosaic, Sue beauty sun dog Mosaic is said to be found that many of the earliest shell Mosaic Mosaic. And archaeological finds the most is the time of ancient Greece, the ancient greeks marble shell Mosaic pavement applications are common, the most common form is in black and white collocation of pavement shell Mosaic, then only the ruler of the authority and the rich, the rich people afford artisans and purchase material, decorated with shell Mosaic inlaid into all sorts of pattern where their live. Decorate with shell Mosaic performance is the art of luxury at that time, the development to the end of the ancient Greece, some skillful craftsman and artists in order to enrich its architectural decoration works to the more diversified, begin to use more small fragments, with his hand cutting small flake through all sorts of color is tie-in, combination to complete works elegantly shell Mosaic Mosaic, the shop is stuck on the wall of building, ground, cylinder, its original art form, cheap, shell Mosaic is the wealth of the history and culture.
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tomorrow morning in ancient Rome the prevalence of shell Mosaic thanks to early christians Moses divided the sea the jews to Rome when hit by the local aristocracy, under the great social pressure, the expression of art become a Christian belief, the best way of their party in the basement and underground passage, because most people can't read them, their stories and legends of christians in the basement of the channel to make shell Mosaic pictures on the wall, to spread the Christian culture, then these christians and people of the basement and channel with many describe the story of Jesus Christ of shell Mosaic

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