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Shell Mosaic of natural non-toxic characteristics peculiar process environmental characteristics

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic of natural non-toxic special process environmental characteristic features of
in the Mosaic industry, shell Mosaic is one of the few natural decorative building materials, decorative, environmental protection and practical both. Marine it spread with strong flavor of the luster of the natural texture, even every piece of the decorative pattern of particles is unique, just like fingerprints, no copy. It's no radiation, no pollution. According to our country the concept of 'energy saving low carbon environmental protection', and environmentally friendly building materials is more and more popular with consumers, shell Mosaic just coincides with this. Shell Mosaic process has two kinds: net and spell it. Including the characteristics of network spell there is crack between particles, substrate can be only the population; Close together, no gap between particles, can be at the bottom of the population, the bottom of the ceramic tile, aluminum plate, etc. , high compatibility. Higher requirements for making shell Mosaic technology. Close together with net spell collage production processes each have different, net of probably process is: material selection, cutting, grinding flat, trimming, polishing, paste, quality inspection, packaging; Secret spell for material selection, cutting, grinding flat, paste, grinding, polishing, positioning, According to the requirements of the guests take particle size) And packaging.
shell Mosaic from the screening of raw materials to final product, need to experience long and numerous steps, there are a lot of details need to pay attention to, such as the shape of raw materials generally arched, staff will find the most suitable for flat parts, according to the thick and thin, through a series of process, make flat particles; Making almost pure manual of shell Mosaic process, the difficulty of the process, this shows one spot.

1, no radiation, no pollution,
shell Mosaic from the depths of the sea, she comes from nature. No radiation and pollution, decorate after there will be no peculiar smell, keep consumers away from formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients, in line with the contemporary people 'healthy living, healthy consumption 'philosophy of life.
2, bibulous rate is low, good moisture resistance
the high density of shell Mosaic and the bibulous rate is 0%, so to have good humidity-proof property. Due to no water seepage, and hard, shell Mosaic won't appear the phenomenon such as deformation, to ensure the quality of the high stability.
3, color constancy flowery
pure natural high quality seashells surface with natural texture and luster, do not fade, do not change color, excellent color products stand the test of time, and through the natural light, such as light, shell surface color more gorgeous. Different angles have different visual light feeling, all the small pieces of shell together hand in photograph reflect, all show the mystery of ocean. And has unparalleled adornment effect.
shell Mosaic is made up of small single, small specification, material. And stone Mosaic, ceramic Mosaic, glass Mosaic, it is easier to shop is stuck to decorate, high security of construction.
5, wide range of USES
shellfish products whether it is set in the wall, or arrangement in the floor. Whether used in handicrafts manufacturing or ornament in furniture, is to show the elegant personality and temperament, coruscate gives the noble style. It can be widely used in large buildings interior wall, ground, swimming pool, garden landscape, bathroom, lobby background, they can be used for wall decoration, pillar decoration, light box decorated, modelling column, signs, wei yu is decorated, the anchor line, furniture decoration, etc.
shell Mosaic is a natural pearl shells as raw materials, tone is given priority to with natural colour and lustre and grain shells, fusion of modern humanistic design concept, adopt jewelry processing, refined but become fashionable, environmental protection of high-grade decoration materials. Her elegant, natural color, soft, not only with the brilliance of pearl, also reflected the mystery of ocean in the house decoration. She derived from nature, can make our lives more natural elements, let you can swim in the home of advocate natural chang in the arms of the sea, relax and enjoy the nature with pleasure.

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