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Shell Mosaic of popular household fashion show you all-round understanding of shell Mosaic

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic of popular household fashion belt you all know
conch shell Mosaic Mosaic color is rich, water proofing property is good, there are a variety of combination, can give different characteristic style is brought between wei yu, now has become the first selection of many people decorate between wei yu. Jiangxi tomorrow shell Mosaic factory respectively from shell Mosaic order of construction techniques, the shop is stuck, maintenance care to all aspects to introduce the shell Mosaic, hope that by the help to everybody!

shell Mosaic of fashionable beauty let a lot of young people to heart. Today, toilet, kitchen, window and furniture, can see the beautiful figure of Mosaic. In the deck space at the same time, shell Mosaic excellent waterproof performance become home decoration 'darling'.
now shell Mosaic form and the material is rich, generally speaking, there are crystal, shell, such as ceramics, metal, or is in the shape of strip, granular, multilateral shell Mosaic can be used as a local decorative ornament, also can undertake large area of the shop is stuck. Different characteristics of Mosaic can be flexible collocation according to different space, the adornment result that emerge in endlessly.
but how to use the Mosaic? Stylist introduction, between wei yu is one of the most commonly used Mosaic, Mosaic colour shoulds not be too strong, jumping, to give a person relaxed and peaceful feeling, otherwise it will bring a mood swings and depression; Kitchen metope can properly use crystal Mosaic or metal Mosaic decoration, this light smooth Mosaic not only can well reflect light, expanding the size of the kitchen, on the vision at the same time, easy to clean; The sitting room the use of ceramic, metal, or general crystal Mosaic to collage background wall decoration; The metope of the restaurant we can use pure color is tie-in style, through different specifications and shapes of collocation fastens with color Mosaic together, realize a feast for the eyes of the visual effect, at the same time will create a lively atmosphere.

shell Mosaic construction skills: ( 1) Construction can use first binder bedding metope, reoccupy sawtooth trowel to raze, Mosaic per post must use glue in advance, to ensure that no bubble and gap, vertical alignment metope light pressure. ( 2) Ensure enough time to dry, generally for 24 hours, after being Mosaic completely glue, reoccupy appropriate caulking agent to fill gaps and erased. ( 3) As far as possible to avoid scratches and damage, don't use to have clear product agent of abrasives, steel wire brush or sandpaper rough tools to clean. Mosaic surface with a damp cloth or damp sponge to wipe. Shell Mosaic brick order: ( 1) Use ceramic tile glue or adhesive sweep across wall spilled water on the back of Mosaic to wet, cannot be soaked with water. ( 2) Before the shop is stuck with adhesive thin swings once, make sure that the basal level off, and as soon as possible the neat brick and Mosaic on the vertical shoot prison on the wall. ( 3) With oily caulking agent to fill gaps in Mosaic ( 4) A cloth to wipe the Mosaic surface excess cement and mucilage. Shell Mosaic of maintenance care: 1, the main component is calcium carbonate shells, so afraid of acid and alkali, but ordinary weak acid and alkali erosion is not make, such as cleaning products, etc. 2, shell cannot paste outdoors, the sun will fade and peel off. Its hardness is not very strong, is not suitable for the floor. 3, shell Mosaic paste installation, can be the same as other types of Mosaic paste ( Such as glass, stone, etc. ) 。 Binder or with Mosaic tile adhesive stickers, then wipe clean can. 4, general maintenance, can use soft wool cloth is wiped can, try to avoid collision and cross cut sharp objects. The first brand of shell Mosaic tomorrow shells welcome your choose and buy!

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