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Shell Mosaic parquet setting wall with dye-in-the-wood individual character of natural beauty

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic parquet setting wall is individual character is dye-in-the-wood the natural beauty of the

can stick shell Mosaic on anywhere they like, as a beautiful decoration. Shell Mosaic with the advantage of small and exquisite, glow is widely used in the indoor wall surface decoration. In decorate busy season, many consumers for Mosaic very interested, but don't know how to choose and use. Compared with ordinary floor tile of wall of shell Mosaic brick need more professional knowledge, also pay attention to the contrast on pattern design can't be too strong.
collage meet the demand of individual character shell Mosaic of design and color can be said to be the smallest decoration materials, the combination of them, than the large pieces of wall and floor tile is more lively, more life. Now more and more fashionable choose shell Mosaic as home TV setting wall or kitchen, between wei yu the main decorative materials. On colour, shell Mosaic is no longer limited to the black, white, or some shallow the color of the light. Bright red, sapphire blue, green, yellow color Mosaic was cleverly interspersed with use, under the crisscrossed with combination of different mood and feeling.
flowery colour, colour and lustre is permanent
the pure natural high quality seashells surface with natural texture and luster, do not fade, do not change color, excellent color products stand the test of time, and through the natural light, such as light, shell surface color more gorgeous. Different angles have different visual light feeling, all the small pieces of shell together hand in photograph reflect, all show the mystery of ocean. And has unparalleled adornment effect.
specification is small, then the construction
shell Mosaic is made up of small single, small specification, material. And stone Mosaic, ceramic Mosaic, glass Mosaic, it is easier to shop is stuck to decorate, high security of construction.
effect is good, use the
shellfish products, whether it is set in the wall, or arrangement in the floor. Whether used in handicrafts manufacturing or ornament in furniture, is to show the elegant personality and temperament, coruscate gives the noble style. It can be widely used in large buildings interior wall, ground, swimming pool, garden landscape, bathroom, lobby background, they can be used for wall decoration, pillar decoration, light box decorated, modelling column, signs, wei yu is decorated, the anchor line, furniture decoration, etc.

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